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Birdflesh - Mongo Musicale

Published Nov. 21 2006

=Staff's pick

Mongo Musicale
Then You Know
Mongoloid Wannabe
Arabian Jesus*
Born Tired
After-Ski Obliteration
Bass Of Thunder
Mr. Big Head
Dear Driver
The Friendly Call
Drums Of Death
Whirlpool Whiplash
Dancefloor Dismemberment
Colombian Tie
Guitars Of Steel
The Day Hell Came To Town
Dying Cable
Moonwalk Massacre
Victims Of The Cat
Ladies Night/Birdo Might

Genre Death/Grindcore
Smattro Ansjovis
Tracks 25
Achmed Abdulex
Runningtime 34 Min.
Label Dental Records
Barbro Havohej
Release 25 Oct. 2006
Smattro Ansjovis
Country Sweden
Similar artists Macabre

Fed up and tired on all deadly serious Metal wannabes? Well, swedish grind commanders Birdflesh will easily cure you in one un-lucky orgy of banalities. Mongo Musicale is the intellectual title on Birdflesh's third full-length album since the madness began back in 1993. Mongo Musicale is a constant mental hangover which consists of songs recorded during a period of November 2005 'til February 2006 and is released via swedish Dental Records.

Many things can be said about Birdflesh, a positive thing is that they are a hell of band to see and hear live. With an album it's a bit different I would say. The funny-meter doesn't exactly peak. Their outrageous behaviour and violent, well played hybrid of death and grind feels strictly amputated in the stereo format. I guess that Smattro Ansjovis and the rest of the gang work really hard to give a picture of themselves as a bunch of imbeciles. But their abilities to handle their instruments show another side, three very competent musicians which just happen to do their best in order to look silly.

And it works, Birdflesh could be magnificent but ironically they manage to overwork their material into something that feels just a bit too much experimental lunacy and I'm getting bored. If they had done their thing, extremely raw death/grind or even the outrageous flirting with Macabre, it would be just fine. But to be tormented through a whole album with the kind of kindergarten material that sometimes appears is just too much.
Best songs, or whatever its meant to be called, are the die hard The Day Hell Came To Town and the catchy Moonwalk Massacre. Birdflesh are best experienced live on stage.






5 chalices of 10 - Tim

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