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Casablanca - Miskatonic Graffiti

Published September 25 2015

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Miskatonic Graffiti
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Genre Hard Rock/Rock
Anders Ljung
Tracks 10
Erik Almström
Running time 53 Min.
Label Despotz Records
Mats Rubarth
Release September 25, 2015
Josephine Forsman
Country Sweden
Producer Casablanca
Similar artists ---

Casablanca basically plays old school hard rock that's heavily influenced by the 70's scene. Personally I don't see this band's type of music as something intentionally made to be retro, because even if it surely reflects past times, it still feels fresh and alive and it isn't just another carbon copy of before. Miskatonic Graffiti is a concept album and a little bit different than its predecessor Riding A Black Swan and the musical appearance comes out slightly intricate and is definitely a more artistic kind of thing.

Anders Ljung's vocal performance is filled with empathy and brings out immersing and unique emotions to complete the full adventure. Even though he doesn't possess outstanding vocal skills, I think that his efforts are strongly absorbing and his input is undisputedly an important factor to the record's total outcome. He is positively the right man in the right place as he really makes a difference as far as I'm concerned.

I'm somewhat bothered by the organ occasionally, because out of all things from the 70's, I'm not a fan of that instrument when it's running too loud in the mixing, and when it is, it to a small degree ruins the experience for me. When it dwells in a tad more hidden spot though, kind of in the background layers, it's actually a pretty okay element in the music nevertheless. I must say that I like the rest of the album's production though, whereas they are able to bring forward an authentic, yet easy approachable and clear sound picture.

Although this release actually didn't immediately set its claws in me, quite a few of the songs are pretty damn good after listening to the whole record for a while and when understanding what they want to put forward with this piece of music. At the same time, frankly, all songs don't crush big-time, but still I think that this is a really enjoyable effort at the end of the day.

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