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Hysterica - Metalwar

Published April 24 2009

=Staff's pick

We Are The Undertakers
Bless The Beast
Girls Made Of Heavy Metal*
Wreck Of Society
The Bitch Is Back
Got The Devil In Me
Heavy Metal Man*
Pain In The Ass*

Genre Heavy Metal
Anni De Vil
Tracks 11
Runningtime 40 Min.
Label Self released
Release 19 January 2009
Country Sweden
Similar artists Sinergy, Wizard, Dream Evil

Hot, wet, sweaty, and dressed to hail and kill, Hysterica are here. These pleasure slaves are coming from Sweden, with raging whore moans, and unbridled passion. These go, go, girls are truly made for Heavy Metal, clad in leather, donning the weapons of warfare; like Wizard, with hammer, bow, axe, and sword drawn, prepared for the metalwar.

These babes of joy and ferocity play Traditional Heavy Metal riffs in the vein of Manowar, W.A.S.P., Mötley Crüe, and Twisted Sister. Perhaps Hysterica are the offspring of those band's one night stands. Like with Lordi, the music is infectious, and fun. The production is solid, and quite impressive. The music has a smooth feel, embodied with a modern vibe, which never feels dated, or dismissive. Hysterica are tight, and just have it right.

All the searing cuts epitomize everything metal, and their sincere love for the genre. This the same attitude characterized by their countrymen in Hammerfall, and Dream Evil. The songs may take a few rotations to really sink in, but once they do, you'll be scarred for life, and kissed by the lips of the "osculum infame". The songs at their My Space, just don't do the band justice. They should add the ones which I've recommended like - Heavy Metal Man, Louder, and Pain In The Ass.

The hysterical blood clotting begins with the plodding period piece - We Are The Undertakers - a phantasmical parade of blood, sweat, and hair raising fears. This is followed by the Misfits inspired - Halloween - a story about the Midnight Queen. The theme - Girls Made Of Heavy Metal - describes the true persona of these amazon gutter sluts. This Billy Idol meets Pat Benetar rhythm is a true, hell raising crime of passion, and pleasure.

Wreck Of Society, with it's raging riff arrangements, takes a stab at the corruption of our society. Louder is, well, louder than hell, with bizarre guitar crunches. The Bitch Is back sounds pissed off, and ready to rock your socks off! Got The Devil In Me - showcases the inner frustration a woman must face to prove her loyalty to her man. Love's a real bitch, eh!

Cruel singer - Anni De Vil - sounds like a bewitching blend of Wendy O' Williams, Kimberly Goss of the defunct Sinergy, and of course the Queen of Metal - Mrs. Doro Pesch. Her oral talents, and bitchy bite is ensnaring, poignant, and whiny; perfect for a recusant on the rage. Hysterica will definitely appeal to advocates of the unlady like punk mistresses in Crucified Barbara.

The use of the non d'espirit with names like Bitchie, RockZilla, SatAnica, & Hell'n, may not seem too original, but then again remember Ann Boleyn of Hellion, who now sings for Détente, in memorial to the late, great: Dawn Crosby? I think these names build character, and help you associate better with the sisters of steel.

The best estrogen sides come at the end with a real climax. Heavy Metal Man - is an honest account of what these chicks want - A Metal man with long hair, and tattoos everywhere, who rocks their world, a perfect taste of Heaven and Hell; not a poseur wimp, a macho gay stud, or wannabe rapper. Pain In The Ass is a rippin', killer cut, basically inducing the ultimate imagined cat fight...meeoww! The title track is pretty damn cool too, with it's shouts, and screams of battle inspired mayhem.

This quixotic and erotic quintet of hot rockin' babes is the real deal, mettle with maniacal pride. These gallant girls on tour, raise their voices, ready to strike; while playing so loud, your ears start to fuckin' bleed. They are pretty mean, tough, tried, and true; yet bittersweet, and sexy. If you are looking for a good lay of ennui, a solid kick in the ass metal album, and some true ragin' steel, prepare for the Metalwar!








8 chalices of 10 - Michael the MettleAngel

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