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Babymetal - Metal Resistance

Published March 31 2016

=Staff's pick

Road To Resistance*
Awadama Fever
Meta Taro
From Dusk Till Dawn
Sis. Anger*
No Rain, No Rainbow
Tales Of The Destinies
The One (English version)*

Genre Heavy Metal/J-pop
Su-Metal (Suzuka Nakamoto)
Tracks 12
Moametal (Moa Kikuchi)
Running time 54 Min.
Yuimetal (Yui Mizuno)
Label earMusic
Release April 1, 2016
Country Japan
Producer -
Similar artists ---

I don't really know why I decided to take on this Japanese pageant again since I, to put it mildly, wasn't too keen on the eponymous debut album in the first place. The debut album was to a great extent a variety of songs, which had been released during a couple of years, individually or a few at a time, and later put together to fit a CD format. I guess that spending an equal amount of time in preparation for Metal Resistance was never an option, but the approach to, at least partially, use already before dropped songs on a record is still present.

To me it doesn't take more than a few full spins to realize that our presumed connection is already ruined way beyond repair, because apparently I can't see the value in any kind of metal music that sonically comes out as something mainly directed to 8-12 year old kids due to its vocal performance. The song material seems contrived and doesn't appeal to me more than occasionally and I find the sound picture too sterile and mechanical as well and finally the record is covered with different types of pop rhythms, even if there's indeed really heavy shit present as well, and in my book pop and metal have never been great partners.

The diversity throughout the record is what amazes me the most, because the songs are very outspread between different stuff, individually, but also within a lot of the songs too. Different songwriters is obviously a strong factor to this matter, but it's anyway quite an achievement to get things into one piece from divergent corners. Even if I obviously doesn't like what I hear overall, I can't deny the fact that some elements on the record are kind of nice to listen to, but it's also too bad that those moments are constantly interrupted by a sudden break in tempo or put to sleep by a lame chorus.

Somewhere deep inside I can understand that there are people who get attracted to what this outfit provides, because it's more or less a one of a kind experience and if you fancy the voices of young girls fronting heavy music, Babymetal is indeed a good choice. Personally I think that this effort basically is rubbish and just a product for unenlightened masses and, frankly, will anyone buy an album like this one and then pick it up a couple of years later with the impression that it still rocks?

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