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Destruction - Metal Discharge

=Staff's pick

The Ravenous Beast*
Metal Discharge*
Rippin' The Flesh Apart
Fear Of The Moment
Mortail Remains
Desecrators (Of The New Age)
Historical Force Feed
Savage Symphony Of Terror
Made To Be Broken*

Genre Thrash Metal
Tracks 10
Runningtime 39 Min.
Label Nuclear Blast
Release 22 Sept. 2003
Country Germany
Similar artists Kreator

One of the classic thrash bands from the mid -80's and the early -90's are back after a period of troubles, inactivity and a few more or less weak albums. As we have seen lately other bands have managed to rise again and have released strong comeback albums (Kreator for example) and are surely something to count on for the future, and the obvious question is: is the same applicable on Destruction? Absolutely.

This album is good and they have managed to take their classic thrash as we know it from the good, old days and have clad it in a modern, fat and powerful package. It is strong, intense and ,most important of all, based on damn good songs with great riffs and hooks. Destruction is back with a vengeance and show that they absolutely are a band to count with in the scene of today and beat the crap out of most of the last year's newcomers. The quality and routine of the members of the band vividly shine through and that reflect on the music.

The major part of the material is fast and hard driven old school thrash and it doesn't leave much room - this time either - for much variation, but than again: is that what Destruction is about? Not really. Full focus has been put on the metal part of it, and it feels solid, compact and very powerful even though it goes on in pretty much the same tempo throughout the album. It's energetic, adrenalin filled and a perfect mix of the mood from the classic thrash with a sufficient amount of modern touch to it.

When they start to bombard us with galopping and fast driven riffs and Schmier lets us know that he has something on his mind than we are in for a joyful three quarters of an hour. I can't help catching myself sitting with a smile on my lips after a few listening sessions - it is damn good and I am already looking forward to more from this band in the near future: live appearances and future albums. This is this decades equivalent to immortal albums like Infernal Overkill and Eternal Devastation. Hat's off for you, Destruction - you are keeping the flag with the honours.

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8 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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