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Fatality - Metal As Hell!: Chapter 1

Published June 10 2009

=Staff's pick

Terminal Agression
Bring Back The Days (Of Metal)*
Almost Broke*
Shock Treatment*
It's Devil's Night
Metal As Hell
Are You Ready To Rock?*

Genre Speed Metal
Tom Morrison
Tracks 8
Tom Morrison
Runningtime 42 Min.
Steve Wilson
Label Self released
Jason Murray
Release 01 May 2009
Keith Gordon
Country England
Similar artists Metallica, Annihilator, Dungeon

Northern Ireland is the home of the gritface bastards in Fatality. Their debut - Metal As Hell!: Chapter 1 - is a rippin' arrangement of classic thrash, with some updated seminal aggression.

The hypodermic coastings of - Terminal Agression - set the pace for the madness and mayhem. I'm reminded of the Connecticut visitors: I.N.C. (Indestructible Noise Command), whose two albums on Giant Records, are so damn good, but impossible to find, other than bootlegs.

Bring Back The Days (Of Metal), along with - Metal As Hell - celebrate the moribund dance of death for never faded past glory, and long-lasting pride. Fans of: Venom, Avenger, Tysondog, and of course, Tygers Of Pan Tang, take heed.

The persistent and relentless - Almost Broke - endures with an Anvil meets Dungeon mastered technique. The lead guitar dynamics are sure to revitalize your spirit. Whereas the tried and true -Gritface - embraces an Annihilator meets Napalm (US) death dirge.

The no remorseful - Shock Treatment - alludes to Metallica's early catalogue with a vicious surge of power and mettle might. Here the metal militia lead the new clear assault, with a mindful milieu of hooks, leads, and serendipitous solos, that carefully assuage the ear, ever aching, and pulse pounding.

These damn dirty devils strive to carefully avoid too much misappropriation of the very band who borrowed too heavily from the British Isles, anyway; especially, Tank, Sweet Savage, Blitzkrieg, and Holocaust.

In fact, Fatality proudly adorn themselves with their influences like textured, well stitched on patches, or merit badges of honour. The American thrash vibe of Nuclear Assault, Early Megadeth (It's Devils Night), Sacred Reich, Sadus, and their ilk, are balanced on a ledge with other classic UK aggressive perfectors like: Acid Reign, Re-animator, Holosade, or D.A.M.

Surprisingly, not all members "look the look", but they definitely "walk the walk"! Fans of newer acts like; Evile, Gama Bomb, Savage Messiah, or H.O.D., will still be drawn to the terminal aggression, and fatally idolized violence and tested mentalities.

The closing track - Are You Ready To Rock - revivifies the '80s more commercial swagger and glitz, with a preponderance of coy lyrics, thrust forward in the vein of Kiss, or Twisted Sister meets the feelgood Mötley Crüe actuality. The sybaritic overtones are bursting out with an explosion of liquefied gyration, and a milky way of pure Loudness.

Tom's vocals are forged with a careless whisper, easily discernible, haunting, and effective. I would suggest: Bob Mayo of Wargsm, of Tony Portaro of Whiplash (whose new back to thrash album will be released later this summer!) for quality comparison. Tom's guitar antics, along with fellow shredder: Steve Wilson, make expert use of the axe and evil strings of fury.

Dave Brigg (Waylander/ Runecaster) produced, recorded, remixed, and remastered the album at Stone Circle Studios. He has done a splendid job of recapturing the '80s essence; especially given his proclivity for Folk Metal-based artists.

Fatality are pure UK thrash, who willingly champion the days of glory, while ramming it right up your assemblage with like-minded - metal as hell - motifs.








7,5 chalices of 10 - Michael the MettleAngel

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