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Rammstein - Mein Teil

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Mein Teil*
Mein Teil - You Are What You Eat Edit*
(Remix by the Pet Shop Boys)
Mein Teil - Return to New York Buffet Mix
(Remix by Arthur Baker)
Mein Teil - There Are No Guitars on This Mix*
(Remix by the Pet Shop Boys + enhanced part)

Genre Industrial Metal
Till Lindemann
Tracks 4
Richard Z. K.-Bernstein
Runningtime 23 Min.
Paul H. Landers
Label Motor Music
Oliver Riedel
Release 30 Aug. 2004
Christoph Schneider
Country Germany
Christian Lorenz
Similar artists ---

As a taster before the upcoming fulllenght album, we are being served a single with the song Mein Teil in 4 different versions. Mein Teil is based on the true story about a cannibal case in Germany some years ago where a man advertised for people who wanted to be eaten, and got quite a few responses where one of them was put to reality. The lyrical content has apperantly caused a strong opinion among the german people, and is being discussed heavily in the media at the moment. The song carries the undertitle "You Are What You Eat....."

How does this sound, then? What can we expect on the album? There were some rumors that there were a big change of style coming up for the next album, since the members were of the opinion that it would be useless with yet another album in the same style, since there already are a few out there. I think it's safe to say that the fans of the old, characteristic Rammstein style can sit pretty safe, and order the new album unheard. Rammstein are their style faithful, and continue on the same path they have walked since the beginning.

Mein Teil is a heavy and fat piece which is being carried onwards in midtempo by a thick wall of pansar guitars. The heavy artillery has been brought forward, and it sounds majestic and the refrain is good and powerful, yet not one of their best. It gives very good hope for coming album. A few uptempo songs with marching riffs and sledgehammer choruses, and some that holds this standard, and we are looking at a real killer album soon, my friends.

The rest of the songs on the single are Mein Teil in 3 different remixes and more or less disc/rave versions, where the first and third one (remixed by Pet Shop Boys) are very good if you are into that kind of style. I like them alot, and make the single very much buyworthy even though there are only one song represented.

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8,5 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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