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Septuagint - Meditation Among Demons (Promo 2003)

=Staff's pick

Meditation Among Demons*
Fury…And A Darkening Mind*

Genre Thrash Metal
Cees Beekhuyzen
Tracks 2
Mike van Mulukom
Runningtime 12 Min.
Andrew van der Schaft
Label -
Pepijn Heilbron
Release 2003
Berry Loeffen
Country Holland
Similar artists Powermad, Omen, Testament

Never heard of the band Septuagint? Well, neither have I, but I'm sure that we all will in the future to come. Meditation Among Demons is a two-track promo from the Dutchmen's forthcoming album that is about to be recorded in the beginning of the next year, and if the rest of the album turns out to be as great as these two tracks are, they must be heard of.

Septuagint is delivering thrash metal with a hint of speed and it runs perfectly in the vein of American thrash from the late eighties and early nineties.
First track, Meditation Among Demons is the heavier one of the two tracks and makes me think about Testament and later on towards the direction of Slayer but without the screaming and with clean vocals instead. This is most apparent halfway through the song in the great instrumental parts and is mostly shown in the part that holds the guitarsolos that is tastefully delivered and turns this track into something I really like to hear.

The second and last track, Fury…And A Darkening Mind is not as straightforward and starts with an calm intro that reminds me a lot of the early works of Iron Maiden only to explode into a song driven by some serious riffing. This track is more varied in tempo and it also contains a great melodyline by guitar in the chorus that is complete with doublekeg drumming, this is music right down my alley.

If there is good, there is bound to be some bad as well, and in this case it is the vocals and the soundpicture that isn't at my complete satisfaction, well, actually the production is better than many of the "great" bands but it feels a bit dry, could have used some more depth in the sound. The vocals are at most parts ok, even with the high-pitch screams that is a must for this kind of metal, but in generall it is a little to weak and lacks a bit in power. But these two things isn't something that stands in the way, Septuagint has managed to make a great effort with this promo and made me to look forward to the upcoming full-length album with a great interest.






8 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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