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Wisdom - Marching For Liberty

Published September 19 2013

=Staff's pick

World Of The Free
Dust Of The Sun*
War Of Angels
Failure Of Nature
The Martyr*
God Rest Your Soul
Take Me To Neverland
Wake Up My Life
My Fairytale
Have No Fear
Live Like A Beast
Marching For Liberty*

Genre Power Metal
Gábor Nagy
Tracks 12
Gábor Kovács
Running time 47 Min.
Zsolt Galambos
Label NoiseArt Records
Máté Molnár
Release 27 September 2013
Balázs Ágota
Country Hungary
Producer ---
Similar artists Rhapsody Of Fire, The Storyteller

This Hungarian unit surely knows the secrets of time travel, landing somewhere around when we entered the new millennium. They connect all dots in their endeavor to fulfill a bombastic and speedy power metal experience. With both male and female choirs, Wisdom tries to create epic pieces, but in my opinion those moments stop somewhere halfway. Their efforts are passionate, yet still they can't pass that transition from decent to good or all the way to awesome.

A few songs like Dust Of The Sun and The Martyr bring more action and a different go into this release and therefore I find those ones more attractive than the rest of the tracks, that mostly pass by without any sensational kick ass events. It's a stream of songs that flows through the speakers without hitting me hard and my body doesn't respond with any movement at all and therefore my senses tell me that there's no effect in this music.

Naturally a ballad, entitled Wake Up My Life, is presented as well and this result shows further evidence that most power metal bands do best when they play speedy, since this supposedly emotional moment doesn't give crap to me. I know it's there in the aspect to present some diversity and for the record to be more extensive, yet lullabies are for infants and babies and I see no reason to fall asleep during a metal album.

If you're a power metal fan to the core, I would say you might have a go on this one. The record have a few guitar solos that I enjoy and also melodies that are somewhat capturing. Still this release leaves me without any stronger impressions when seeing the total outcome. It lacks many of those essential moments, much needed for the creation of something stunning. 4 chalices to a somewhat decent power metal album.

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