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Ikinae - Lucky Seven

=Staff's pick

Intro (spection)
Dragged By Emotions
Lucky Seven*

Genre Metal
Tommi Niemi
Tracks 3
Tomi Tupiini
Runningtime 19 Min.
Janne Ruohoniemi
Juni Luoma
Release 01 Dec. 2004
Ilka Kivimäki
Country Finland
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Finnish band Ikinae have sent us their fresh and self-released Lucky Seven EP. When it comes to Finnish bands nowadays, it's all to often about Power Metal a´la Stratovarious or some HIM clones. Luckily for these youngsters of Ikinae, they are representing neither of these mentioned bands and genres. Ikinae's Lucky Seven was recorded at Fantom Studio 2004 by Henkka Wirsell and produced by the band themselves. Mentionable is perhaps that Ikinae was founded as late as in April 2004.

Lucky Seven starts with the combined intro/song called just Intro (spection). A heavy but slow guitar pumping riff, more Bay Area than finnish to my ears. The music is very - don't know how to put it, really - special. Here are the mid tempo parts with a good dose of heavy metal, but there is also some gothic about it. Good vocals by the lead singer Tommi Niemi, when he doesn't sing too "clean". It works best when he uses the darker parts on his wide scale of vocals. Back to the gothic, the female vocals that appear together with the lead singers angst are terrifyingly close to the refrains which once were Sisters Of Mercy's trade mark. But Ikinae have masqueraded it all well in a package that combines Metal with Gothic and progressive elements without getting stucked in a trap.

Skilled and talented musicians, but the structure of the songs could be better. It's the same kinda slow tempo all over the songs. Not boring, neither great. It's what I would call ok. Would would do this good is perhaps a bit more aggression to it the next time, like on the title track that I must mention as the highest peak on this recording.






6 chalices of 10 - Tim

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