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3 Inches Of Blood - Long Live Heavy Metal

Published March 21 2012

=Staff's pick

Metal Woman
My Sword Will Not Sleep*
Leather Lord
Chief And The Blade
Dark Messenger*
Look Out*
4000 Torches
Leave It On The Ice
Die For Gold (Upon The Boiling Sea IV)*
Storming Juno
Men Of Fortune
One For The Ditch

Genre Heavy Metal
Cam Pipes
Tracks 12
Shane Clark
Running time 53 Min.
Justin Hagberg
Label Century Media
Byron Stroud
Release 26 March 2012
Ash Pearson
Country Canada
Producer Terry Murray
Similar artists Accept, Enforcer, Steelwing

Canadian heavy metal outfit 3 Inches Of Blood is back with their fifth full length album. Often mistaken for hardcore or some other aggressive music style due to their name. Latest addition to the band is bassist Byron Stroud, former of Fear Factory, Strapping Young Lad, among others.

Even if this band has released albums for a decade now, I have only heard a couple of snippets before. For me to look back and compare this release to their past efforts is of course meaningless and I decided to do this review without checking out their background.

At first Cam Pipes' voice annoyed me a bit, since it's high pitched through the record; not the power metal way though with crushed balls. Then I thought of Accept's former vocalist/crow Udo Dirkschneider and how his voice fits a certain music and found out that Cam is doing a good job and that my first impression was incorrect.

Heavy metal straight through would be the easiest way to describe this release. It has all the metal elements with blasting drums, but in this case with a bit thin drum sound from time to time, and with fills, riffs, licks, as well as cool solos. It has an apparent lack of diversity, going from heavy metal to faster heavy metal. There are no ballads, as the songs follow the same recipe, which in this case is nothing but good.

Retro? Dated? I don't know if anybody should use those words anymore, but I know I most certainly will. What should newer bands create nowadays, when almost every single chord and beat has been used a thousand times before? It's like being a writer; your book has already been written before, but everyone hasn't read that other one.

This is a record that grows stronger for every time I listen to it. All songs aren't top notch, but the record has a steady flow and it makes me feel alive when listening to it. I find myself playing air guitar and that is never a bad omen when it comes to metal. I love the way they're doing that old trick, in for instance Look Out, when they start the solo with one guitar and then the other guitar fills in to complete the solo with dual guitars.

I will check out their other releases for sure and this is probably going to cost me some bucks, since I probably will end up buying all five 3 Inches Of Blood albums.

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7 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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