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Steel Panther - Live From Lexxi's Mom's Garage

Published February 17 2016

=Staff's pick

Show Intro/Say Yeah!
Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World
Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)
If You Really Really Love Me
Bukkake Tears
The Burden Of Being Wonderful
Weenie Ride
That's When You Came In
Michael Don't Know
Community Property*
Grindy And Sexy
Death To All But Metal

Genre Acoustic Hard Rock
Michael Starr
Tracks 13
Running time 45 Min.
Label Open E Records/Kobalt Music
Lexxi Foxx
Release February 26, 2016
Stix Zadinia
Country USA
Producer -
Similar artists ---

Steel Panther's new effort is a live acoustic show recorded in front of a small party of girls/women and is released on CD and CD/DVD. It contains one new song, That's When You Came In, which I think is just a standard song without any rock solid moments. This release contains actually only 10 real songs in total, since Michael Don't Know, Grindy And Sexy and of course the intro are just 3 short tracks without any real music involved.

I have only listened to the audio myself and even if I find quite a few of these songs appealing in their original version, they are now coming out too thin and the overall experience lacks the full party mood, which undoubtedly is so important in regards for this unit to come out big. The songs lose more than some of its character when being performed in kind of acoustic versions and I miss the songs' pure and initial atmosphere and groove.

I wouldn't say that the guys are holding a low profile on their foul-mouthed behavior between the songs, but in comparison to when I saw them playing live the last couple of times, the strong insults directed to each other and the funniest jokes are now on a clearly different and weaker scale. Usually at least some of the immature stuff that they say is quite amusing, but when I'm listening to the profanities on this live recording, I hardly even smile more than occasionally.

It's evident that Michael Starr is beginning to have some trouble with his voice. I can't say that it's a serious situation at this point, yet he certainly will have to work on it quite hard to be able to keep it on a satisfactory level for the remainder of the band's time in the limelight. For how long that will be, I guess no one can tell, but can anyone envision these dudes being like 70 years old and still sing these lyrics about fucking girls and heavy partying?

The guys in Steel Panther I think should devote more time to make a new album instead of putting any effort into this type of material. Honestly, who will in the end listen to acoustic stuff like this more than a couple of times and then simply just put the album to rest?

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