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Iron Savior - Live At The Final Frontier

Published May 25 2015

=Staff's pick

CD 1:
Ascendence (Intro)
Last Hero
The Savior*
Revenge Of The Bride*
Break The Curse
Burning Heart*
Mind Over Matter

CD 2:
Hall Of The Heroes
R U Ready
Condition Red*
I’ve Been To Hell
Heavy Metal Never Dies
Coming Home
Iron Watcher (Medley)
Atlantis Falling
Breaking The Law

Genre Heavy/Power Metal
Piet Sielck
Tracks 17
Piet Sielck
Running time 84 Min.
Joachim Kuestner
Label AFM Records
Jan S. Eckert
Release May 29, 2015
Thomas Nack
Country Germany
Producer Piet Sielck
Similar artists ---

Release date in the US: July 07. Will be released as a DVD/2 CD package. This review is only covering the cd part. The audio album will also be available separately as digital download.

It took almost twenty years for Iron Savior to deliver an official live recording, but when they now do, it is with a bang.

A live album that really does sound live and captures the feeling and the interaction with the audience splendidly, complete with the occasional and charming sour notes that are allowed to pass unedited. That is something you don't hear often in this time of age when most live documents are polished to the point where they sound like a studio album.

Recorded in their hometown Hamburg in January this year, this is greatly mixed with a rough, yet clear and fat sound where every instrument and the trademark choirs are given well enough space to stand out and play a vital part of the sound landscape. Piet Sielck's vocals are greater than ever on this recording and most songs benefit greatly from the intensity and production captured here.

The tracklist is good and balanced and works very well but I miss quite a lot of killer tunes who I feel would have worked great live, but considering the goldmine this band has built up over the years I reckon it's quite a tough job to compile something that will please everyone. I could have replaced all songs with seventeen other of my personal favorites, especially some from the albums Battering Ram and Condition Red which I feel are underrepresented here, and I believe the album would have been just as great.

This is a blistering document from one of the genre's finest bands who are, from what I can hear, captured during one of their better evenings. I can just hope that they take this on the road a lot more often than they have done in the past. Way more people need to hear this.

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8,5 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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