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Fuelhead - Little Ones

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Little Ones
Both Hands Tied*

Genre Hard Rock
Andreas Henemyr
Tracks 2
Palle Hammarlund
Runningtime 8 Min.
Label Plug Or Die
Andreas Henemyr
Release 07 Dec. 2005
Jimmie Svensson
Country Sweden
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Fuelhead is yet another band to pop up out of the Gothenburg soil, but this is not in the vein of In Flames or Dark Tranquillity, nor is Fuelhead to be compared with Hammerfall or Dream Evil for that matter, bands that you generally come to think of as typical Gothenburg acts. These guys go about in a different way and this single is a taster of their forthcoming debut album that will be released in February next year.

First one out is the track Little Ones and it has kind of a nu-metal vibe that rests over it in the verses with the lurking guitar that lies behind the emotional vocals. It is saved by some heavy riffs and good guitars that show the versatility of Fuelhead and also by the melodic refrain that it is of the kind that sticks with you. Second track Both Hands Tied moves forward by some harmless chugging guitars but with more power in the vocals. The nu-metal vibes are once again slightly showing themselves but mostly in the Linkin Park smelling bridge that is dragging an otherwise good song down. This track also has a refrain that sticks and is partly reminding of Alice In Chains, and just like Little Ones we are moving around in mid-tempo with no attempts of speeding it all up. In the refrain it very much reminds me of the band Apes, Pigs And Spacemen, but that is probably more information than needed since I am most likely the only one that still remember this band that almost no-one but me listened to while they where active? But the similarities are just too big not to be mentioned.

Fuelhead is doing melodic mid-tempo hardrock that is catchy but also pretty harmless, some heavy riffs don't help them avoiding to appear commercial and slick sounding. They have a little of Alter Bridge and 3 Doors Down and the likes thereof in them and they are promoted to be a band to fill the musical void between Metallica and nu-metal, even if I in no way can see how Metallica and Fuelhead are to be on the same page in anyway. This is good melodic hard rock with a very modern American sense, harmless music where it sounds as they are trying to appear harder than what they really are. There is a bunch of similar bands coming out these days and it is also those that you might hear on commercial radio stations, and it wouldn't surprise me if Fuelhead will have their share of airtime as well.

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5 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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