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Girlschool - Legacy

Published November 05 2008

=Staff's pick

Everything's The Same
From The Other Side
I Spy (Girlschool Mix)
Spend Spend Spend*
Whole New World
Just Another Day
Still Waters
Metropolis (Motörhead Cover)
Don't Mess Around
Don't Talk To Me
I Spy (Dio/Iommi Mix)*
Emergency (2008 Version)*

Kim McAuliffe
Tracks 15
Kim McAuliffe
Runningtime 51 Min.
Jackie Chambers
Label SPV
Enid Williams
Release 04 November 2008
Denise Dufort
Country England
Similar artists Motörhead, Rock Goddess, Twisted Sister

In December of 1978 London's Girlschool released their first single. This year marks their 30th anniversary. Just like The Runaways, featuring Joan Jett and Lita Ford, these British birds of prey set the precedent for famed female femme' fatales to follow.

Many all female acts like the exceptional Phantom Blue (featuring the late Michelle Meldrum who passed earlier this summer), Vixen, Rock Goddess, The Christian act - Ordained Fate, The Bangles, L7, Hole, 4 Non-blondes, and Drain STH owe their success to this legacy. Many Queens Of Metal like Doro, Lee Aaron, Wendy O'Williams, Sabine Classen, etc. echo their nightmare at Maple Cross.

Everything seems the same with too many new lead female acts taking the stand, some deserving of praise like Benedictum & Cleveland's Cellbound; some with little novel to offer, like Sister Sin. Either way, the punk driven angst of Girlschool's hit & running wild rock and mettle demolition remains intact.

Girlschool still play dirty in the streets. The rockin' songs on Legacy emphasize this. Having survived for so long, they have befriended many metal icons, so members of Heaven & Hell, Twisted Sister, & Motörhead all lend their expertise. Lemmy and Dio sing respectively on 'Don't Talk To Me' and 'I Spy' (Dio/Iommi Mix). Eddie Clark (fast from way back) plays a guitar solo on the Motörhead cover of 'Metropolis'.

These wild at heart soul sisters spend a great deal of time rolling around in the (lyrical) sheets. Several songs provide social commentary on current society. A song like 'Spend Spend Spend' concerns conspicuous consumption; while a song like 'Everything's The Same' echoes the modicum of "Plus ça change, Plus c'est la meme chose". 'I Spy', like 'Electric Eye' reminds us that Big Brother is always watching.

Don't mess around with these metal chicks, because they know their history, and their truth. 'Just Another Day' manifests the words of Aleister Crowley. If you have not seen Bruce Dickinson's cinematic masterpiece - "Chemical Wedding", what are you waiting for?

'Legend' is a tribute to guitarist Kelly Johnson who died last summer from spinal cancer. This song is so inspirational and will have you singing along with them, celebrating her life and time with the band. It is also exciting to hear an updated recording of the classic 'Emergency'.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable CD. The production is excellent, and like the new hell day release of We Wish You A Metal Xmas And A Headbanging New Year CD, there are many familiar faces all contributing to the wonder. I recommend this album for all those who enjoy female fronted down and dirty Rock 'N' Roll. Take a bite of their forbidden fruit.

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8 chalices of 10 - Michael the MettleAngel

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