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Freedom Call - Land Of The Crimson Dawn

Published February 02 2012

=Staff's pick

Age Of The Phoenix*
Crimson Dawn
66 Warriors
Back Into The Land Of Light
Sun In The Dark
Hero On Video
Valley Of Kingdom
Killer Gear
Rockin' Radio
Terra Liberty*
Space Legends
Power & Glory

Genre Power Metal
Chris Bay
Tracks 14
Chris Bay
Running time 65 Min.
Lars Rettkowitz
Label Steamhammer/SPV
Samy Saemann
Release 27 February 2012
Klaus Sperling
Country Germany
Chris Bay
Producer Chris Bay, Stephan Ernst
Similar artists Gamma Ray, Stratovarius

Freedom Call is back with their seventh full length studio album. This time without co-founder, drummer och co-songwriter Daniel Zimmermann, leaving lead singer and guitarist Chris Bay as the only existing original member.

Land Of The Crimson Dawn opens with a typical Freedom Call song called Age Of The Phoenix. A song with vibes from their early releases with backing vocals choirs and a speedy, harmonic melody. Easily one of the best tracks on this new release.

The more I listen to the album, the more I can hear that they are trying to bring the sound back to their roots, as most songs follow their old pattern as described above. There are many similarities with their two first albums Stairway To Fairyland and Crystal Empire. In this case it's rather successful and not bad at all, like it usually is. I don't know about Back Into The Land Of Light though, as they have taken the title and used parts of one of their most popular songs and created a new song from it. Even if most of the song is totally different, maybe this is taking things one step too far?

Their latest release Legend Of The Shadow King had darker songs due to the concept story. Now they're almost gone as they have returned to their bombastic and brisk power metal, or happy metal as Mr. Bay prefers to call it. Some darker parts are still there, but now they work as bridges instead of as whole songs and also some heaviness is present in Killer Gear and Eternity, so this is not an album with happy and catchy songs all through. This is however a Freedom Call album and don't expect otherwise.

Even if they have taken a couple of steps back, I think this is the right direction for this band and actually even one step forward, since their most popular and best albums sounds like this one and this is what Freedom Call should sound like. Time will tell if these songs will stand up to their old ones. I think many of them do, even if it will probably take a couple of years until they reach the same status as their predecessors.

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8 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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