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Kingscrossing - Kingscrossing

Published March 07 2008

=Staff's pick

Angels In The Night
Bed of Nails
Rapid Fire*
Stuck In A Hole

Genre Traditional Metal
Michael Adams
Tracks 11
Zack Grimm
Runningtime 45 Min.
Richie Pagan
Label Self-released
Rob Shock
Release 17 Dec. 2006
D. Hying
Country USA
Similar artists Zaxas, Seven Witches, Aska

For the noble knights of Kingscrossing, Metal is Life. These battlescarred diligent warriors are true defenders of the faith. Struggling to enlighten young naive' minds about the true nature of Heavy Metal, these magnanimous souls fight to the death to remunerate the spirit of real mettle. With a rapid fire succession of crunchy, punchy riffs, solicitous soloing, and steadfast drumming, these chivalrous soldiers tap into the everlasting powersource of pure 80's brilliance.

These Metal Angels dwell in the "city that never sleeps"; thus, they are ever vigilant, ready to rule the night, and reign in glory. These kings of excellence crossed paths in 2000; united with a heartfelt desire to play classic arena rock rhythms. Kingscrossing is primarily the CD baby of Zach Grimm, who serves as main songwriter and lyricist. The debut album was released in 2005, but neither the band, nor fans were satisfied with the overall effort; so like Armory, Kingscrossing returned to the studio to rework the songs. They hired classically trained vocalist Michael Adams to replace Greg Williams, and added second guitarist Richie Pagan. The result is a revamped, well-worked second edition rendering.

Make no mistake, Kingscrossing are Traditional Metal, the epitome of the classic 80's style; elucidating all the characteristics of melody, majesty, and mayhem. They resonate the vibe of such Metal Blade heroes as Tyrant, Omen, Obsession, Liege Lord, Hades, Riot, Fates Warning, etc; who if still present today, are mere reflections of past glory. As if struck by lightning, the whole intention of Kingscrossing is to qualify the milieu of metal as not only relevant, but essential.

The CD commences with an eerie techno pulse which emanates and evolves into a medieval offering similar to Saxon's - Crusader. This track has a very infectious bite, and catchy riff, which echoes in my heart long after the song subsides. Powersource is raging steel, with a powersurge of energetic electro-violence and sonic aggression. L.I.F.E. expresses poignant emotion; contrasted by the harsh reality of everyday existence. Brainwashed delivers with its psychotherapeutic toxicity; while Nightmares will have you running to the hills, with no idea why. Reflections summons the sirens of Savatage, reverting the listener to the empire of the Queen of the Reich.

Stalker is a killer cut, with its Street Lethal Racer X riffage and guitar frenzy. Each strident strum endures with an indelible effect, which leaves one scarred for life. Richie Pagan & Zach Grimm meld strings to produce a chilling chord cadence, echoing Jack Frost, Paul Gilbert, and the Malice of Jay Reynolds. Rapid Fire is another ripping guitar assault triumphantly bowing to the battalions of Metal Church.

Kingscrossing remind me of the highly under appreciated war veterans Zaxas. These Christians signed with Noise Records in the mid 90's after serving their country in the Gulf War. Zaxas have a great deal in common with Kingscrossing. Musically the songs are very similar in structure and stlye, and vocalist Michael Adams has a pitch very similar to Dale Anthony. He also reminds me of Michael Tirelli from Holy Mother & Messiah's Kiss.

One may easily detect the band's fondness for Dio, Maiden, Manowar, & Queensrÿche.. All songs fervently flow very well, but Stuck In A Hole ends abruptly, and is not the appropriate song for concluding this album. Angels Of The Night would have been a better choice.

I admire the honesty and integrity of the lyrics as well. Some songs are very personal to Zach and his brothers; others are more fantasy, or reality based. Either way, each song guages with a specific message, not of anger or resentment, but of hope and promise. Kingscrossing think good things and move out of judgementalism, into an attitude of gratitude. I highly respect this personal power of creation.

Celebrate real metal and sojourn with Kingscrossing. I can see why they are a top seller at www.cdbaby.com/cd/kingscrossing. Their committement and determination will prove most beneficial. Like Lizzy Borden, Zandelle, Wild Dogs, or Aska, these knights defend the holy realm; so that someday soon, the expendable youth, and brainwashed masses may finally wake from their bedlam of hails and horns, only to realize that True Metal never dies!

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