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Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall - Kingdom Of Rock

Published November 07 2015

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Kingdom Of Rock
Out Of The Dark
No Control
When The Sky Falls*
Angel Of The Night*
I Am Coming For You
Another Life
Never Look Away*
A Heart So Cold
The Right Moment
Walk This Road Alone

Genre Melodic Metal
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Tracks 11
Magnus Karlsson
Running time 57 Min.
Label Frontiers Music
Magnus Karlsson
Release November 06, 2015
Jamie Salazar
Country Sweden
Magnus Karlsson
Producer Jacob Hansen
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Vocals: Jørn Lande, Jakob Samuel, Joe Lynn Turner, Tony Martin, David Readman, Magnus Karlsson, Rick Altzi, Tony Harnell, Harry Hess and Rebecca De La Motte.

Kingdom Of Rock is the second album that the Swedish multi-instrumentalist Magnus Karlsson releases under the epithet Free Fall. His numerous achievements in the past, mainly as songwriter for different kinds of projects, speaks for itself and with his reputation in the world of heavy music, it doesn't seem like it is an arduous task to get all these singers to take part in the recordings.

The individual songs on this album is seemingly made with specific arrangements and melodies in the music to fit each singer really well and this is not just a hasty work to get things done. David Readman, Tony Harnell and Rick Altzi are, along with Magnus, again contributing with vocals on a Free Fall record and just by looking at the rest of the names of participating singers in the list above, it's a no-brainer to understand and grab that the vocal performances are naturally quite stunning overall.

Magnus has a talent of putting forward interesting stuff in his music and almost all the songs are in fact quite good, meaning that there's always a capacity present that makes me wanna listen to his work several times in a row. However, I must point out that he has lost a little bit of his ability to surprise me, because he has been involved with so many different projects and bands during the last decade that it, at this point, has become almost impossible for him to come out with completely new sequences of music.

I really like this effort, but it's not a totally awesome thing, because it kind of lacks those killer songs to really rocket this album to the skies. In comparison to the first Free Fall album, I believe it is indeed able to face the challenging competition that the first one started off. It took a few additional spins for the songs to bang themselves inside my head, but when they finally did, they now won't let go.

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