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Luca Turilli - King Of The Nordic Twilight

=Staff's pick

To Magic Horizons
Black Dragon*
Legend of Steel*
Lord of the Winter Snow
Princess Aurora
The Ancient Forest of Elves*
Throne of Ice
Where Heroes Lie*
Warrior's Pride
King of the Nordic Twilight*

Genre Power/Fantasy Metal
Olaf Hayer
Tracks 10
Luca Turilli
Runningtime 50 Min.
Label SPV
Sascha Paeth
Release 24 Sep. 2001
Robert Hunecke-Rizzo
Country Italy
Similar artists Rhapsody

As you might have guessed already this is of course the solo-project from the genius songwriter and lead guitarist from Italian masters of epic symphony metal Rhapsody. And the style is unquestionable. This is Luca Turilli in great form and King of the Nordic Twilight contains some really out-of-this-world tunes of power metal music heard once in a blue moon.

But does it reach the same level as Rhapsody? Well, I must say it's close, very close. The only difference in sound is almost just the voice of the singer. Olaf Hayer's got a somewhat more high-pitch voice than his colleague Fabio Leone has. Otherwise the sound is very "rhapsodish" and all the elements of Turilli's ordinary band can be found here. So overall I think that the album is somewhat better than Symphony of Enchanted Lands and a bit worse than Dawn of Victory.

There are some awesome tracks here that are also worth a special mentioning. The ones that stand out the most are Legend of Steel and The Ancient Forest of Elves. These two are definitely among Turilli's best work ever. I also adore the very epic album closer and title song Kings of the Nordic Twilight. If you like the epic fantasy branch of the metal business it's very hard for me to think of a better way to spend 12 minutes.

But, (of course there's always a but) we have to deal with the ballad issue in this case too. Twice. And that's at least one too many. Turilli's talents lie in making fast power metal tracks and not ballads. Sure, they contain very beautiful classic arrangements and nice melodies, but in my opinion they lower the feel of the album.

Despite this, King of the Nordic Twilight must come to your possession if you're into Rhapsody and symphonic power metal in general.
And hang in there 'cause there's more to come. Luca Turilli's Virtual Odyssey as he refers to it is really a trilogy so we can expect two more releases from this project. This was just the first chapter of (quote) "three worlds, three different locations at the opposite extremes of space and time…".

The following words are also Turilli's own and all I can do is fully agree: "Relax your body, prepare your mind, turn your speakers up and enjoy the virtual odyssey… and hope to return!"

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7,5 chalices of 10 - Mat

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