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King Kobra - King Kobra

Published April 16 2011

=Staff's pick

Rock This House
Turn Up The Good Times
Live Forever*
Tear Down The Walls
This Is How We Roll
Midnight Woman
We Got A Fever
Top Of The World*
You Make It Easy*
Crying Turns To Rain
Screamin' For More
Fade Away

Genre Hard Rock
Paul Shortino
Tracks 12
David Michael-Philips
Runningtime 52 Min.
Mike Sweda
Label Frontiers Records
Johnny Rod
Release 15 April 2011
Carmine Appice
Country USA
Producer -
Similar artists ---

King Kobra recorded two albums in the mid eighties with their original lineup and claimed world fame with their super hit Iron Eagle (Never Say Die). Disputes about money and musical direction made the band eventually split up after some lineup changes and another full length album.

They started as a hard rock band, but were forced by their record company to go towards a more pop-oriented style on their sophomore release. Now they are back once again. This time with Paul Shortino on lead vocals, replacing Mark Free (aka Marcie Free) making the original lineup complete to four fifths.

So what about King Kobra in 2011? The album starts with an uptempo track as most hard rock albums do and after one song this looks promising. After two songs we're back on zero though, since the album's second track is a blues inspired song that makes me yawn. I still want to hear more though, and Live Forever is up. This ballad makes me think of King Kobra's best times in the eighties and this song is one of the best songs on the album with a catchy and strong chorus.

The album continues with four tracks, which are pretty good songs, but they have nothing that wants me to listen to them again and again. When we get to Top Of The World, I have lost a little faith in this album, but suddenly I get the positive feeling back when listening to this track, which has a good riff. This feeling continues through the next song, You Make It Easy.

Unfortunately they have decided to end this good part of the record with a cheesy ballad called Crying Turns To Rain. This song should never have been recorded and is probably there just to make this album a little bit more diverse. The album ends with a fast track and another ballad. This ballad is much better than the last one and a good album closer.

King Kobra in 2011 writes a bunch of good songs, but unfortunately this album has many fillers as well. If you however dug their music 25 years ago, I'm sure you'll be satisfied with this result.

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