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Centvrion - Invulnerable

=Staff's pick

The Forge
Man Of Tradition
Procreation To High*
Standing On The Ruins*
New Freedom
Eternal Return
Riding The Tiger
Soul Deliverance*

Genre Power Metal
Germano Quintaba
Tracks 11
Fabio Monti
Runningtime 50 Min.
Luciano Monti
Label Dragonheart
Gianluca Mandolesi
Release 11 Nov. 2005
Emanuele Beccarcece
Country Italy
Similar artists Primal Fear, Metalium, Rhapsody

Centvrion, the heir of Roman legionaries, seems very promising at first. The first impression that strikes me is that this is what Metalium's latest album should have sounded like. It's fast, hard and yet melodic. The riff in Virtus hits the perfect tone. But after a while the voice of Germano Quintaba becomes almost as annoying as Henning Basses (in the band mentioned), though still more varied. Also some of the songs, like Man Of Tradition and the title track, have a tendency to be too quickly worn out. A couple of songs later Centvrion sounds more like old Gamma Ray, with Ralf Sheepers on vocals, as in Procreation To High. Still I'm quite satisfied.

The pompous ballad Standing On The Ruins is one of the highlights. But in New Freedom you can't keep yourself from wondering, what's the point with the constant high pitch howling that Quintaba practises? It is even worse than the usual Kiske-complex many power metal singers seem to have. Rob Halford on helium! A song like Riding The Tiger actually could have been a rather catchy one with a more relaxed singer. Now you can hardly recognise the title in Quintaba's screaming. Anyway, the whole creation is saved a bit with the finish. Soul Deliverance is a classic Priest-rocker on heavy fuel, Transcendence a tear-teasing ballad.

With Quintabas voice lingering on, as yet another eternal tone in my already damaged ears, I will try to set the grades for this one. It must get some points for being power metal with some actual butt-kicking power. It has some great metal songs, no doubt. But still I can hardly manage to listen to the whole record without feeling pain ringing in my head. That's quite a big con.






5 chalices of 10 - David

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