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Divinefire - Into A New Dimension

Published Jan. 12 2007

=Staff's pick

Vision Of The New Dawn
Passion & Fire
Time's Running Out*
Into A New Dimension*
Facing the Liar*
Live Or Die
All For One
The Final Victory
The Last Encore

Genre Metal
Christian Rivel
Tracks 10
Jani Stefanovic
Runningtime 44 Min.
Label Rivel Records
Andreas Olsson
Release 01 Nov. 2006
Jani Stefanovic
Country Sweden
Jani Stefanovic
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Christian Rivel is a man with many projects running, and he seems to perform very well under those circumstances. His mainband Narnia recently released an album tht was one of their best so far and here Divinefire again deliver a solid album that does not fall one bit behind any of their earlier works. It is a good pace from the get-go and they keep it on a high level throughout this very even album. It does not however differ much from the previous album, to not say nothing at all actually. This takes off exactly where it left us last time. If you liked that, you will certainly like this also since this can be seen as part two, but if you are seeking more variation in Divinefire by now, you might be slightly disappointed or indifferent.

The music itself is not much different to what it has been on the previous two albums Glory Thy Name (2005) Hero (also 2005), perhaps fragmentally a bit harder than before, though. Partly due to the production and partly due to the actual riffs and the relatively frequent occuring growling vocals (handled by guitarist Jani). Just listen to the beginning of Masters & Slaves, Time's Running Out and parts of Facing The Lie to take a few examples. On those occasions it could easily be mistaken for your average and modern black- or death metal band.

The tempo is high throughout the album but without being monotone or predictable. It is instead quite dynamic and nuanced with good melodies, riffs, solos and refrains. It has a good mix of clean and growling vocals and it has that tiny, tiny bit progressiveness to it to make it extra interesting to listen to and to give it durability.

Shortly put a very good album that I recommend to anyone regardless if they normally prefer more aggressive or more normal metal. It should speak to both sides. The only objection I have personally have is toward the vocals of Rivel. I acknowledge that he is a very good singer technically speaking and is considered as such among people but there is just something about the tome of his voice at certain times that I do not find appealing.

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7 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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