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Andralls - Inner Trauma

=Staff's pick

Fear Is My Ally
Down The Jokers
Hidden Enemies*
The Age Of Rage
Awake And Dead
Develop Underground
Unconscious Choice*
Non-Shooting War*
Subhuman Worms*
Heads Or Tails?
Mercy Mass
Panic Syndrome
Andralls On Fire (bonus track)

Genre Thrash/Speed Metal
Alex Coelho
Tracks 14
Alex Coelho
Runningtime 46 Min.
Denis Di Lallo
Label Mausoleum Records
Eddie C.
Release 15 June 2005
Xando Brito
Country Brasil
Similar artists Slayer, Sepultura, Speed Kill Hate

Andralls has been called Sepultura for the new millennium, and with their fast and aggressive thrash they definitely is the most brutal band to come out of Brazil since, well, Sepultura. Inner Trauma is the third release from this Brazilian constellation that formed in 1998 and has along the way acted as support to bands such as Judas Priest, Malevolent Creation and Exodus. And the two later bands can also along with Sepultura act as bands that you can easily imagine Andralls gather their influences from.

These guys surely know how to play it fast and to make it sound good as they go. They feed on aggression and speed while they are hammering out riffs and drumming with an impressive speed. Their music is like a mix of early Sepultura blended with the leads and breaks similar to Slayer and with speed and fury of a band like the Overkill spin-off Speed Kill Hate. Sometimes it does sound as they are a bit too fast for themselves though, when the vocals seem to be coming staggering out and the aggression takes over too much. Subhuman Worms is a good example on when they get a great flow with the vocals that works good together with the fast pace in the music, and that is something I would have wanted more of.

We are talking some serious money value here if you measure the album according to bpm, but there is method to their madness as there is more to Andralls than just speed. With the heavy riffing and with many of the breaks they get an aggressive groove and a flow in their music when it is not with an adrenaline pumped up speed. Alex Coelho has a voice that isn't too far from Max Cavalera but he could surely use a bit more range with his voice as it tends to become monotonous. In Andralls you get - with the furious speed and the rhythms from the drums and with the fast and sharp technical guitar playing blended with heavy compact riffing - a good dose of old-school thrash.

After Inner Trauma was completed and before it is released, Andralls informs that Alex Coelho is no longer in the band. They will have a new frontman on their upcoming tour and as of now there is no information on who it will be.






6,5 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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