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Irreversible Mechanism - Infinite Fields

Published May 23 2015

=Staff's pick

Irreversible Mechanism
Into The Void
The Agony
Infinite Fields*
The Betrayer Of Time*
Cold Winds*

Genre Progressive Death Metal
Yaroslav Korotkin
Tracks 9
Vladislav Nekrash
Running time 35 Min.
Label Blood Music
Yaroslav Korotkin
Release March 31, 2015
Lyle Cooper
Country Belarus
Producer Sami Raatikainen
Similar artists The Faceless, Fleshgod Apocalypse

I actually cannot remember where I read about Irreversible Mechanism the first time, but I clearly remember that what drew me into checking out the band was the fact that Lyle Cooper is the drummer on debutalbum Infinite Fields. Cooper was responsible for handling the drums on The Faceless' Planetary Duality as well as Autotheism.

Planentary Duality is a record that I more or less exhausted myself with when it came out in 2008 - so needless to say I knew that the drums would be in for a solid beating on Infinite Fields as well. Progressive death metal really needs a drummer that knows what the deal is about. What's so good about Cooper's playing is that although he has killer chops he doesn't flaunt them needlessly - he really is playing for the songs. That goes also for the stellar guitarwork from Vladislav Nekrash who flawlessly displays both crushing riffs and a solid feel for groove.

Fact is that the band as a whole displays solid craftsmanship, and it never gets boring listening to Infinite Fields as technical skills are never used just because the genre demands it but as a means to creating really good and interesting music.

I especially appreciate the band's use of symphonic elements. These elevate the music to the next level without totally overriding it. As a whole Infinite Fields is characterized by walking the fine line between stacking extreme parts next to each other without any crushing the next - a fairly skilled achievement as this is not something that marks one of the strong sides of the subgenre.

The songs are all, more or less, on a high and solid level. I only have issues with Incipience that at times feels as if on autopilot, and as usual for me a totally needless intro. The rest of the material is pretty gnarly. Best are Betrayer Of Time with a criminally solid groove and lovely oriental subtones, brash Outburst where the guitar is played to a pulp by Nekrash and the singing from Korotkin just slays, majestic Infinite Fields and epic closer Cold Winds.

Infinite Fields isn't you normal windmill record. Irreversible Mechanism displays enough evidence that they want to, and are able to be more that "just" technical. The solid quality of the songs compels me to bring out the high grades. This is one of the best records of the year, so far. Check it out.








8 chalices of 10 - Martin

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