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House Of Lords - Indestructible

Published July 05 2015

=Staff's pick

Go To Hell*
Pillar Of Salt
100 MPH*
Call My Bluff*
We Will Always Be One
Die To Tell*
Another Dawn
Eye Of The Storm
Ain't Suicidal
Stand And Deliver

Genre Hard Rock
James Christian
Tracks 11
James Christian (Acoustic)
Running time 50 Min.
Jimi Bell
Label Frontiers Music
Chris McCarvill
Release June 05, 2015
BJ Zampa
Country USA
Producer James Christian
Similar artists ---

I'm the first to admit that I haven't listened boundlessly and repeatedly to House Of Lords' past efforts, but I think it's rather safe to say that this band pretty much means American hard rock with roots comfortably fixed in the late 80's. The band seems however not to be completely stuck back in those days and I think that they kind of present a modern form of hard rock, deriving from that thriving period of this type of music.

This achievement doesn't come out sonically artificial or contrived and the structures of the melodies are often generating a kind of catchy appearance. I think that the songs overall are fairly good to good and even the ballads aren't too washed-out, which rather frequently is an unquestionable fact when a few bands in similar situations are trying to relive their heydays.

At the same time, the band doesn't have the full capacity to bring out really awesome songs on a regular basis. The songs for some reason basically lack a little bit of consistency to be able to come out fantastic all throughout the record. A lot of tracks are so close to build up a massive momentum, but as soon as I'm beginning to feel that the band is about to convert big-time, the songs kind of stay in a safe, yet pretty rewarding, position, rather than in a possible knock out mode.

I still believe that Indestructible indeed is a nice effort, but it's also arguably an album without killer songs. The song material together with the full performance is in a certain way pretty much equally good from start to finish. The boys of House Of Lords don't create a memorable moment in history, but they still prove that they have the ability and talent to come out current and effective.

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