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Dew-Scented - Incinerate

Published April 02 2007

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Exordium (Intro)
Vanish Away*
Final Warning
That's Why I Despise You
The Fraud
Into The Arms Of Misery
Perdition For All*
Now Or Never*
Everything Undone
Retain The Scars*
Exitus (Outro)

Genre Thrash Metal
Leif Jensen
Tracks 13
Hendrik Bache
Runningtime 46 Min.
Florian Mueller
Label Nuclear Blast
Alexander Pahl
Release 10 Feb. 2007
Uwe Werning
Country Germany
Similar artists Pestilence, Protector, Sacrifice, Kreator

Dew-Scented are relatively new to me. I know they have been around for quite some time, pounding out their aggression. These pernicious poets of dirt and dissent deploy indignant symbolization. I'm amazed that they have been inflicting eternal wounds of apathy ever since 1994. Each album strives to consistently issue sick agony designed to denigrate, with their diatribes of decent brash thrash. Each album is initialized by the letter "I" inscribed in the title. This is now their seventh ill-natured attempt to incinerate innocence, through their sudden impact of incessantly idolized defiance - and it's now or never.

Dew-Scented deal in straight lace and wistfully played thrash; heavily influenced by their Kreator, Slayer and Destruction. Careful attention will also remind the avid listener of protracted Protector and early Atrocity hallucinations. Dew-Scented also prepare their ultimate sacrifice, as the world burns. They defer with a testimony to the patient Pestilence. Razor riffs inundate and become locked in emotionally crafted band solos of conceptual endurance. Hendrik Bache implodes by melding fluidity with the flavour of Florian Mueller's maelstrom. The theory of harmony and aggression becomes perpetuated by the slaughter and sedition of Uwe Werning, whose final warning successfully issues forth when he rapidly and vehemently attack the skins.

Dew-Scented vocalist - Leif Jensen scowls with aggravated assault. Although, I feel his reproach only serves to deplete the accomplished musicianship. He employs the hardcore enunciation which does not attentuate to the circumstances of true thrash. In effect, his bled dry whelps and yelps, don't help; rather they almost cause everything to become undone. His throat thrash vanquish sway implicity inchoates, adding contradictions. Thankfully Nuclear Blast sent me the lyrics, that I've may delve into the twisted and deformed mind lacerations of Leif. Jensen's reprehensible eschatological yearnings, and now apocalypse inside visions produce the primary lyrical theme of malcontent and perdition for all.

Dew-Scented deliver ripping renditions of regret. For each infected cut retains the scar symmetry of brutality, fraught with inpertinence. They welcome into their arms of misery Mille from Kreator to join Jensen in a degenerate duet for Retain The Scars. Gus G's potential is summoned while the wicked mystic Jeff Waters contributes his talent to Perdition For All. Most songs follow the formula of undue resent and shattered insanity, obviated by bitter conflict and complication of conflagration.

Dew-Scented demonstrate chaos, wrap it in an age of mistrust, and insinuate hate. Even if their sound is rather rudimentary and not truly innovative, the intensity personifies through their insurgent ratified rectitude. On Incinerate, there are tactful tenacious acts of rage and violence, which indicate impending irascibility.

Dew-Scented deliniate with top notch production; and each musician magnetizes manifold duplicitously inward and crafty, insipid diligence, never indolent or irritating. All fans of thrash will celebrate the endless and immortal voracious context, with vehement vicissitudes. If your CD collection includes Artillery, Abandoned, Paradox, Paragon, or other thrash merchants of vengeance, then you will be pleased with the furious melodies which satiate the appetite for destruction and decimation.

Dew-Scented deliver, then dissappoint. Personally, Leif's stagnant vocal resistance, and his reticence to sing more lucid, shrouds my indifference, never exonerated. Leif's sketchy rasp, really annoys, and reduces Dew-Scented's sound to a barrage of noise. This ultimately ruined my hope in becoming a diehard fan of Dew-Scented.

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