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Cryonic Temple - In Thy Power

=Staff's pick

The Sleep Of The Innocent
When Hell Freezes Over
In Thy Power*
Travellers In Time*
Beast Slayer
Mr. Gold*
A Soldiers Tale
Shark Attack
Rapid Fire
Eternal Flames Of Metal

Genre Heavy/Power Metal
Glen Metal
Tracks 11
Esa T. Ahonen
Runningtime 56 Min.
Leif Collin
Label Limb Music
Jan J. Cederlund
Release 30 May 2005
Sebastian Olsson
Country Sweden
Janne Söderlund
Similar artists Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Helloween

Cryonic Temple, who released one of 2003's better albums according to me (Blood, Guts & Glory), are back with their third album entitled In Thy Power. The difference between this album and its predecessor is not big, but maybe the most power metal elements have been held back a tiny bit for a more heavy metal approach.

This is a logic continuation of the debut. Cliché filled, fast paced metal with all elements deeply rooted in the 80's. Big focus on meaty riffs, hooks, twin guitars and harmony solos. A lot of work has apperantly - just like on the last album - been put into the creation of refrains, which all are traditional hymn like: epic, melodic and multi nuanced. Again there is also good guitarwork, with lots of great leads and solos. I am a big fan of Glen Metal's characteristic vocals and he does a very good job on this album also. It sometimes falls a bit on the choruses, however. They sound a bit malplaced and forced at times, but it has nothing to do with his vocals. It's more the choirs, or the arrangements in general.

It is also a bit more self confident and straight on, and less la-la-la this time. After the opening track When Hell Freezes Over, which is one of the more darker and less good tracks, it accelerates and the tempo is pretty high over the whole album but they nevertheless manage to make it sound diverse enough and to keep the interest up the whole running time. Still it can be a bit too much with a whole Cryonic Temple album right away. Songs are sometimes resembling each other in some small parts and almost an hour of music is to stretch it a bit.

There is a perfect mixture of straight on speed bullets like In Thy Power, Travellers In Time and A Soldiers Tale,more midtempo tracks like Mr. Gold and Shark Attack, and the in between songs like Rapid Fire and Eternal Flames Of Metal. In some songs, parallells to Gamma Ray, Helloween and Primal Fear can be drawn, but mostly they have their own style. Nothing ground breaking this time compared to before, but it's a damn nice style they have, these guys. I can't help missing this 'hits' on the album. The tracks on the album are overall very even, but while none are falling behind, there are none that really stick out either.

Something to check up for you who are a sucker for the old school type of heavy metal, and if you liked the previous album, you can buy this one unheard.

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7,5 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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