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Hearse - In These Veins

Published Nov. 21 2006

=Staff's pick

House Of Love*
Corroding Armour
Naked Truth
Among The Forlorn*
Atrocious Recoil
In These Veins

Genre Death Metal
Johan Liiva
Tracks 9
Johan Liiva
Runningtime 38 Min.
Mattias Ljung
Label Dental Records
Release 25 Oct. 2006
Max Thornell
Country Sweden
Similar artists God Dethroned

At a first listening when I've got swedish Hearse's debut Dominian Reptilian in 2003 I wasn't impressed at all. A quite anonymous band I thought back than. But the bands music somehow grew with time and eventually Hearse felt really interesting with their twisted and catchy form of traditional Scandinavian death metal.

The members of Hearse aren't exactly new on the pitch, I remember a band called Furbowl in the early or mid nineties which included booth vocalist Johan Liiva and the drummer Max Thornell. In some way their Entombed flavoured metal felt quite uninteresting I recall. I don't know what they've been up to during the years that followed but it surely must have been doing them some good. The inspiration and feeling of euphoria can be heard on the fourth Hearse album called In These Veins, released through Dental Records.

In These Veins kicks off and grabs you instantly with the cool House Of Love, a groovy and heavy God Dethroned kinda like wonder that doesn't release you from its doomsday grip until after six minutes, and that is proof of good song writing. Overall there is a vibe of well thought writing on the most of songs on In These Veins. No incredible speed or rage in the structure, the majority of the material are quite slow actually. But there is a dark twist and feeling over this album which grabs you.

I can't say that Hearse are breaking any new boundaries with this album, its more like they have refined their style into a darker shape. The most positive thing with Hearse, besides the vocals of Johan Liiva, must be the ability they possess to create an almost ghostly vision out of good arrangements, on drums as well as on guitar. This is mean scandinavian death groove, just listen to the Crusade. I can easily recommended this as a most suitable choice, it doesn't matter who or what you are. A most interesting release.






8 chalices of 10 - Tim

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