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Hellrazor - In The Wild

Published January 16 2009

=Staff's pick

In The Wild*
The Pawn
Darker Days
The Passing Hour
Stacked Up
Ride Or Die*

Genre Thrash Metal
Alan Rueda
Tracks 9
Charley Shackelford
Runningtime 40 Min.
Label Heaven And Hell Records
Dave Sanchez
Release 14 September 2008
Chuck Giardino
Country USA
Similar artists Iced Earth, Meliah Rage, Imagika

Rising up, out of the dark core daze - rallying to ride before daylight dies - Hellrazor arrive to vanquish and overthrow. Coming straight for your throat, these Raleigh, North Carolina natives, like their neighbours in Twisted Tower Dire, Praetorius,Viper, & Widow, defend the faith with radical honesty, and a brutish steel reserve.

With each passing hour of power, thrashing death engaged, and each consecutive rotation, Hellrazor deliver their burnt offering, with some wicked waves coming at you live and loud; producing the ultimate synaptic response.

As one becomes ensconced in the Hellrazor like slice of life, he may be tempted to categorize them as another Iced Earth clone. Granted, they do embody the thrash tenacity of the glorious, golden era of Iced Earth; however, Hellrazor balance on a legde,willing to honour their tattoed influences, wearing back to back leather jackets with pride.

All the Classic Metal acts are involved in the writing process, especially, Priest, Maiden,W.A.S.P., Ozzy, AC/DC, Twisted Sister, etc. I also hear some Anthrax, Armored Saint, Meliah Rage, Premonition, Aska, & Kingscrossing.

Vocalist Alan Rueda's thrust and tone, is quite similar to Matt Barlow; but, he can also be compared to a number of frontmen, most notably Tim "Ripper" Owens, when he wails. The punchy chord cadence, drumming anger, and aggression are similar to what bands like Intense (UK) or California's Imagika strive to attain.

It is interesting to note that guitarist Charley Shackleford also plays in the doom-laden band Daylight Dies, and the Classic Metal Band Iskariot. Surprisingly, with Hellrazor, the pace is more fervent, and he foists and foments upon the listener some seriously rippin' riffs.

'In The Wild' begins with Chuck's hypostatic drum echo,(one we've all heard before) leading into a screaming for vengeance altercation. 'Hellrazor' then keeps the fire burning, assuring mnemonic possession. Meanwhile, the blistering belligerence of 'The Pawn' and "Possession" ensure mutual destruction.

'Darker Days' slows the pace way down with it's Type O Negative - Pete Steel vibe. 'The Passing Hour' is epic, but at times tedious. 'Stacked Up' is replete with a whole lot of rosy riffs and shoot to thrill layering. 'Ride Or Die" and '3am' are great ways to end the CD with a metal thrashing madhouse of jovial transgression.

Ultimately, Hellrazor stick with a tried and true formula. I respect them for making mettle with sincerity. The CD is short, but to the point. If you like your Metal 100% '80s, heed the call In The Wild.








7 chalices of 10 - Michael the MettleAngel

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