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Disturbed - Immortalized

Published September 14 2015

=Staff's pick

The Eye Of The Storm
The Vengeful One
Open Your Eyes
The Light
What Are You Waiting For*
You're Mine
Save Our Last Goodbye
Fire It Up
The Sound Of Silence
Never Wrong*
Who Taught You How To Hate

Genre Heavy Metal
David Draiman
Tracks 13
Dan Donegan
Running time 54 Min.
Label Reprise Records
Dan Donegan
Release August 21, 2015
Mike Wengren
Country USA
Dan Donegan
Producer Kevin Churko
Similar artists ---

Bass player John Moyer is still included in the band's lineup, but does not play on the album.

Hated by few and loved by many, or whichever way you prefer. After being on hiatus for nearly 5 years, Disturbed suddenly announced its return earlier this summer with an already completed 6th album. The basics of the music are highly resemblant to what they've done before, but vocalist David Draiman has really minimized his use of his characteristic "Ka, ka, ka's, Ah, ah, ah's and Woh, oh, oh's" which have been used very frequently in the past, as fans to this unit are well aware of at this point.

The band's pulsating and modern metal isn't quite as aggressive as it once was on the earlier albums. It's to some extent a bit more polished and clean and they continue with close to the same sound picture as they did have on their 2 latest albums, Indestructible and Asylum. Overall this album doesn't come out as something innovative, but it's more just a natural step in a long process. In all honesty, what the hell can they actually do to come out groundbreaking in this rather narrow music style? A complete changeover would probably make people turn their backs on this band and never come back.

I think that they aren't really able to bring forward those highly accurate and precise choruses this time, which have always been a big part of their success. I like most of the songs, but only a few of them are real killers, like the title track, What Are You Waiting For and Never Wrong. Many of the rest of the songs seem to have the capacity to flourish, but it's like the raw material can't convert into a full-fledged product. Don't get me wrong though, because I totally know and understand that my demands are set high and this is in fact a nice overall product in my book.

This record won't bring many new fans to the ranks. It's aimed to please already existing fans and people that's already liking this band's type of music will find this release satisfactory or at least find some enjoyment in this installment. If you don't like what Disturbed has created earlier, there's no way that you will become a follower by listening to Immortalize either, I believe. Personally I think that this record is a good piece of music, but also a pair of steps behind their most awesome releases, Believe and Ten Thousand Fists.

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7 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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