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Accept - I'm A Rebel

=Staff's pick

I'm A Rebel*
Save Us
No Time To Lose*
Thunder & Lightning
China Lady*
I Wanna Be No Hero
The King
Do It*

Genre Heavy Metal
Udo Dirkschneider
Tracks 8
Wolf Hoffmann
Runningtime 34 Min.
Jörg Fischer
Label Reflektor
Peter Baltes
Release 1980
Stefan Kaufmann
Country Germany
Similar artists Judas Priest

Some records just never goes out of time. Sure, the sound and production may not be as clean as on today's releases. But, that only brings you the raw spirit of rock and more of a live feeling, especially on vinyl. It's time to add Accept to the nostalgia section!

Accept is one of those bands that I definitely would consider if I had to chose just one band to listen to for the rest of my life. After their self-titled debut, the German band was to create no less than five immortal classics in a row (well some might say that Russian Roulette belongs to those classics as well, then it makes it six…). But I'm A Rebel has a tendency to figure in the shadows of Breaker, Restless And Wild, Balls To The Wall and Metal Heart when one sum up the career of Accept, which is a shame!

The album kicks off with the title track. A sing-a-long classic (later to be re-recorded by U.D.O. on their No Limits album)! This song has all the ingredients of raw simplicity that it takes brilliance to create… A true party song! Save Us craves slightly more attention from the listener. But listen to Wolf Hoffmann's guitar! One of those forgotten tracks that you wish U.D.O. would pick up in the live set. No Time To Lose is a ballad-thing that manages to keep your interest on top. Beautiful guitars! Bass player Peter Baltes sings on this one, with his softer, more ballad-fit voice. Thunder & Lightning is another of those straight rock songs that I just love. Brings out the air guitar from you!

China Lady… what a riff! It hits you straight in the heart! And just listen to Udo's angry vocals… or rather screams! The longer the song goes, the more pissed he seems to be at this poor lady. Magic! If there is any track on this album that is less brilliant, it is I Wanna Be No Hero. It's almost as much disco-pop as Kiss' I Was Made For Loving You (it has other similarities to that song as well…). A song that reflects that the searching for the classic Accept sound was not yet over.

The King is another ballad (a record at this time should have one of those on each side, I guess). Not exciting, but not bad either. I like the acoustic guitar. Baltes behind the microphone again. Do It sets the standard for future unmistakable Accept-riffs. Again Udo's vocals paralyze you and force you to sing along. On top of that, another guitar-solo with great feeling!

Don't ever forget this album when you tell to the next generation of Accept-fans which ones to buy first!






9 chalices of 10 - David

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