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3 Inches Of Blood - Here Waits Thy Doom

Published September 14 2009

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Genre Heavy/Thrash Metal
Cam Pipes
Tracks 11
Justin Hagberg
Runningtime 51 Min.
Shane Clark
Label Century Media
Nick Cates
Release 09 September 2009
Ash Pearson
Country Canada
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Here Waits Thy Doom is the fourth full length album from 3 Inches Of Blood, and it is a very anticipated album from me since they, in latest years, have become one of favourite bands in the genre. Their previous album Fire Up The Blades (2007) was outstanding, so I had high hoped for this follow-up. If you are not familiar with this canadian heavy/thrash metal squad, check up their earlier albums.

3 Inches Of Blood have earlier built their songs on frenetic speed, power and controlled chaos, yet with a nice groove and melodic riffs, and this band also has two very competent vocalists who are interacting in a very clever way. Unfortunately their "screaming" vocalist (Jamie Hooper) has had severe problems with his vocal chords the past year, and have received a doctor's order to not sing, and his future in the band is now uncertain as it seems. I thought and hoped that he would be back in time for this album but, alas, that is not the case.

This album is far from anything they have served us before. There is not the same power behind the songs, no speed and the frenzy and craziness is gone. Cam Pipes is doing the "normal" singing but the absence of the mad Jamie Hooper is very noticable, since his vocals are one of this band's trademarks.

Musically this does not make you happy either. Some nice and groovy riffs are indeed there but it is way too seldom to make this album pass. The album has a more rockier theme than before, and it feels like the band does not really know on which foot to stand. It does not feel like 3 Inches Of Blood is doing this from their heart, far from it actually. It's a mediocre and pale album without much substance.

I don't know if they have chosen to make a slower, softer and more laid back album due to the fact that Jamie Hooper is missing, but I personally don't think it was a right choice in any aspect. This metal ensemble has so much more to give to us speed- and riff loving fans than this. I hope for future albums to be more like we have gotten to know them; intense canadian metal of a level much higher than this.

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3,5 chalices of 10 - Tribe

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