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Crematory - Greed

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Greed (Single Version)
Greed (Album Version)
Farewell Letter
One (Coverversion)
Greed (Videoclip)

Genre Goth Metal
Tracks 4 + 1
Runningtime 16 Min.
Label Nuclear Blast
Release 01 March 2004
Country Germany
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Crematory from Germany are back after having offically dissolved the band and vaniched into history sometime around early 2000. This is a mini cd that is supposed to serve as a taster in wait for the brand new full lenght album that is due for release in early May.

Crematory have update their sound and themselves a bit since last time, and it sounds "modern" but not really to the better. The sound is recognisable with the characteristic riffs as well as Felix' dark vocals. Greed, the song that is to appear on the upcoming album, is built on a kind of chugga-chugga riff in the verse, which builds up to a very catchy refrain with clean vocals. Almost too catchy, as it is a bit of MTV feeling over it, and makes me think about the bands that usually dwell in that environment. Being an admirer of Crematory's earlier work, I am disappointed as it sounds dry and uninspired and it is far, far away from the glorious days.

Since Greed is the only song that will appear on the coming album it is hard to draw any conclusion on how it might sound, but it has to be way better than this. The concept of uptempo refrains with clean vocals is good, but the rythmsection and the rest of the songstructure must be urgently dealt with to reach a satisfying level.

As for the rest of the material on this mini cd, Farewell Letter is a very edgeless piano/string ballad that pretty much stinks, to put it short. It does not manage to engage or create a mood of any kind. This little piece of plastic is rounded off with a shortened, awful version of Metallica's masterpiece One. Lame, and with embaressingly dreadful vocals that fill in during the refrains. It's not even worth one single chalice, and give a bitter aftertaste when the disc finally stops spinning.

The new album Revolutions is to be released May 05. You are hereby warned.......






2 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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