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Black Trip - Goin' Under

Published November 23 2013

=Staff's pick

Voodoo Queen*
Putting Out The Fire
No Tomorrow
Tvár Dábla*
The Bells
Goin' Under

Genre Hard Rock
Joseph Tholl
Tracks 8
Peter Stjärnvind
Running time 35 Min.
Sebastian Ramstedt
Label Threeman Recordings
Johan Bergebäck
Release 23 October 2013
Jonas Wikstrand
Country Sweden
Producer Fred Estby, Dolf De Borst
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Black Trip equals five Swedish musicians, hailing from fairly known bands, that have come together to create a piece of guitar based retro seventies and early eighties hard rock. With influences from giants like Black Sabbath, early Kiss, early Iron Maiden, and a few more, the band has created an album strong enough to compete on a small level with at least some of that time's finest.

I rarely find myself over-excited by retro stuff and I tend to give these albums just one or two shots before laying them to rest. With Black Trip I found something different and successful though, even if they have borrowed or perhaps stolen a good chunk of its presented material. Don't get me wrong, the actual songs are brand new and haven't been reconstructed from the past. It's more that they have caught major parts of the essence of the period with the awesome production that sounds old as hell, yet with a fresh glow that shows a deft operation.

With Joseph Tholl, who occasionally sounds like actor Bob Goldthwait in the Police Academy movies, the impact hits even harder. He finds ways to reproduce the vocal style so distinct that his shortages become benefits. The band has chosen to produce a shorter album that features double guitars who complete each other in conformity of time. Many albums I listen to nowadays consists repeated walls of sound, but with Goin' Under I find peacefulness to listen to each instrument effortlessly. More isn't always better and even after over twenty spins I don't find myself in a state of saturation.

The hardest thing with this review has been to rate Originality below. In these days it's a 9, but considering how influenced they are by certain elements, my thoughts head towards a 1, so I decided to chicken out and go in between these numbers to a modest 5. This is definitely an exciting and fascinating debut from Black Trip, although the roster tells us that these guys aren't new to the block.

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