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Ligeia - Gloria

=Staff's pick

Mistress Of The Night*
Heaven Is Hell
Last Desire*
Beyond The Sky
Wings Of Fire
Light Of The Gods*

Genre 80's Metal
Dani Unglert
Tracks 10
Joerg Meyer
Runningtime 43 Min.
Label Iron Glory Records
Michael Sommer
Release 31 May 2004
Roland Klein
Country Germany
Similar artists Warlock, Accept, Running Wild, Hammerfall

Is it Warlock? It sounds like Doro. Did I put the wrong disc in the player? But I don't recognize this track. And the Warlock and Doro albums are all at their places in the shelf. Oh, so it really is Ligeia that is spinning in the stereo, damn it sounds like Warlock.

Gloria is the third effort from German band Ligeia and the resemblance with Warlock is inevitable as the sound of the eighties is clear and present. Dani Unglert has very strong similarities with Doro in her voice, even the pronunciations with a German accent are alike. But when I start to listen closer it gets easier to tell them apart as Dani's voice is a bit lighter and with not the same amount of power as Doro.

Gloria starts with two heavy and pounding tracks that are in the vein of mid-tempo metal hymns. And I cant help but getting charmed by this trip in time back to the eighties. The beginning of the album proves to be strongest only to then some fall some when they cant keep up the power within the music just as good any longer. Nevertheless it is very good melodic metal that Ligeia deliver and the sing-along factor is high at more than one time. It is actually high at several times when many of the tracks are more of metal hymns with its nature of the melodic and powerful choruses in mid-tempo.

The music is really charming but it is too close to Warlock, Accept and even with Hammerfall-like breaks at too many times. It even brings forth a sense of early Running Wild in some small parts with the riffing guitar that carries the melody forward. The production helps Ligeia further more sound like they were active in the eighties. A more clear and fresh sound picture would have probably made the album sound better. Even though it gives it a nice touch with the old feeling, and with this type of metal it is in fact rather suitable.

The sound lacks something with the use of only one guitar. The solos are good, though but a second guitar could really have lifted Ligeia in a way that they would have needed in order to reach the full length in my eyes. And the voice from Dani shows its flaws the longer the album ticks away, she can not hold her voice together the entire time. At some parts it really sounds false and it gets horrible but when she is keeping her voice together and the Doro similarities is obvious I have nothing to complain about.

In the end you can say that it is powerful music, but it is not powerful enough to break through walls.






6 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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