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Majesty - Generation Steel

Published March 11 2015

=Staff's pick

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Genre Heavy Metal
Tarek Maghary
Tracks 10
Tristan Visser
Running time 54 Min.
Robin Hadamovsky
Label NoiseArt Records
Alex Voss
Release March 20, 2015
Jan Raddatz
Country Germany
Producer -
Similar artists ---

Majesty's 7th full length album and although I haven't listened to each and every album in the band's discography, I can safely say that this unit seems to quite distinctively follow the good old device "Metal until we die".

At first glance when I check out Generation Steel, it feels a little unsubtle and trivial with obvious tendencies to be some sort of Manowar light. After a few spins it emerges from this unflattering state into something more reliable and compelling though. The band doesn't deviate from its path more than occasionally and this is really consistent heavy metal to the bone with nice melodies and an unmistakable energetic attitude almost all throughout the record.

Sonically, this experience comes out a little on the downside with a somewhat poor overall sound picture. It works all right in my speakers, but with my headphones plugged in, it appears scarce and untidy. There's really no doubt that this outfit is able to accentuate a melodic appearance, but simultaneously this manifestation in its entirety also turns out kind of thin and blank in terms of power. I really would have appreciated a more forceful outcome, to make me fully embrace this creation in the end.

I think that they present a job well done, but still this product, due to its audio shortage, can't make me rock really hard and bang my head extensively. If you add a potent lack of originality as well and the fact that I've heard things similar to this music thousands of times before, you can probably understand why my interest fades away a little bit at the end of the day. To set the record straight however, Generation Steel is definitely not a bad metal album and in fact I like a great deal of its contents, hence my final rating of 6 chalices.

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6 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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