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Enthropia - Game Over

=Staff's pick

True angels*
Blood & Darkness
Game Over

Genre Power Metal
Tommi Niemi
Tracks 3
Tomi Tupiini
Runningtime 14 Min.
Janne Ruohoniemi
Label ---
Juni Luoma
Release May 2003
Jukka Hakkomäki
Country Finland
Similar artists Power Quest, Thunderstone

Euphoria is a young band from the forests of Finland, and play basic, melodic metal. The band was formed in 1997, and this is their second demo. Musically it is according to the schoolbook for making a catchy metalalbum: nice riffs - both heavier and catchy ones - nice leads and solos, and harmonic singalong refrains. I like the guitarwork, and the simple, yet fully adequate structure of the songs.

What holds back the grade this time is the vocals - the are in my ears a little strange, but are not to be so hardly judged by this, a first demo. Since the average age in this band is around 18, the have the future ahead of them. They prove that they have the will, ability and ideas to pull of decent, and on this demo in some moments very good melodic metal.

The first 2 songs are more or less traditional metal a'la Freedom Call, Stratovarius, Power Quest, Thunderstone - but without getting too close to be
called clones, which I find a being a plus for them - and the last is more experimental with fragments of progressive elements, and show quite a bit of
maturness and intelligence when it comes to composing. Negative parts are that this lacks that "little extra" sometimes, and the vocals of course. It has its certain amount of charm, though and you can clearly hear that the honest intentions to make good, catchy metal are there. If these elements can be worked on until next time, and the production grows thicker and better - than the grades will rise significally.

This perticular demo won't show up in the historybooks as the most mindblowing piece of music, but if they stick to this style, and continue to develop in the right direction, I am sure that the next coming releases will turn out to be really enjoyable since I sense that they are on the right track when it comes to how Metal should sound. It may take some time and a few demos more before we can say "Now we're talking....", but I have a feeling they will come there one day.

I want to hear more, and I will keep my ears and eyes open for their next release.

Contact: entrophia_band@hotmail.com






6,5 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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