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Circle II Circle - Full Circle: The Best Of

Published July 15 2012

=Staff's pick

CD 1:
All That Remains
Who Am I To Be
Consequence Of Power
Watching In Silence
Dead Of Dawn
Into The Wind*
In This Life
Out Of Nowhere
Blood Of An Angel
Heal You
Open Season
Out Of Reach

CD 2:
Every Last Thing (Edit)
The Circle
Take Back Yesterday*
The Middle Of Nowhere
Soul Breaker
Darkness Rising
Into The Wind (Acoustic)
Symptoms Of Fate
Watching In Silence (Live)
Burden Of Truth (Acoustically Enhanced)
Against The World
Evermore (Live)
Strung Out

Genre Heavy/Progressive Metal
Zak Stevens
Tracks 32
Andy Lee
Running time 149 Min.
Label AFM Records
Paul Michael Stewart
Release 20 July 2012
Jason Moore
Country USA
Producer Zak Stevens, Paul Michael Stewart
Similar artists Savatage

Additional musicians: Matt LaPorte, Chris Caffrey, Evan Christopher (guitar), Kevin Rothney (bass), Chris Kinder, Tom Drennan, Johnny Osborn (drums), John Zahner, John Oliva, Paul Michael Stewart (keyboard)

After five records with his solo band, former Savatage vocalist Zak Stevens, or rather his label, has decided that it's time for the release of a best of collection. A two CD set featuring thirty-two songs spanning from 2003 to 2010, all digitally remastered. So is the world in need of a Circle II Circle best of album? Probably not, but that's what we get in wait for another studio release. I also wonder if a best of album with a band this relatively small can, in any way than in a promotional aspect, be profitable. However, it's not me making the calls, so perhaps I better just lay that question to rest?

On this 149 minute release we are presented twenty-one songs taken from the standard editions as well as eleven b-sides, digipak bonuses, live versions, Japanese bonus tracks, and you name it. Then what's the value on this product? Well, if you own the regular CDs, there's a good way to complete your Circle II Circle song catalogue, because almost all, or at least the major part, of their bonus tracks are featured here. If you however already own the special editions, I can't find a reason for you to purchase this album. On the other hand, if you own them all, I guess you're some sort of a collector and will buy this one as well, even if you have no actual use for it.

When listening to the last part of the record where the bonus features are placed, I can see why some of these tracks ended up as b-sides, as they are in fact not especially good. I also must say that this band have trouble filling up a double CD with only good songs and perhaps they should have set for a single disc release to create an impact with a great best of album, instead of a decent one. I however sense a double-edged sword here, because somewhere deep down I think the more the merrier and the bonus tracks are of great importance as well.

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5 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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