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Headhaunter - Fueled By Chaos

Published June 11 2008

=Staff's pick

Point Blank
Emo Basher*
Faces Of Evil*
Mind's Eye
Fuck You*
Guardian Of Pain
Don't Cross Me

Genre Thrash Metal
Michael Phillipo
Tracks 9
Gert-Jan Kruijthoff
Runningtime 36 Min.
Mark Stevens
Giel Van Arkel
Release December 2007
Erik Reppel
Country The Netherlands
Similar artists Tankard, Sacred Reich, Machine Head

The mind guardian of pain creates visions of paranoia. Headhaunter lurks in the shadows of the mind's eye, fueled by chaos indeed. Their primal instinct is retaliation, and they are pumped and ready to seriously fuck you up with their bone crushing anthems of rebellion. They remonstrate with an updated onslaught of whiplash rhythms and break-downs, exuding their vulgar display of power and pain. Just like a machine gun aimed point blank, messing with your mind, Headhaunter strike at the red chord, and fire.

These emobashers and poseur stompers crawl from the depths of Dordrecht, in the Netherlands with an asphyxiated, pestilent, purulence of perdition. They have been caught in the mosh for over a decade of aggression. Their style is a mix of old school thrash and modern metal angst. They wear their influences on their sleeve, and face the evil in the night. One can easily hear Motörhead, Slayer, Anthrax, Agnostic Front, Pantera, S.O.D., Sepultura; but I also hear Sacred Reich, Whiplash, Tank, and hints of The Crumbsuckers, At War, and Eviction. There are also current inferior references to Machine Head, Soulfly, and Hatebreed.

Don't confuse Headhaunter with the Schmier Destruction of Headhunter, whose new CD Parasite Of Society is essential, as is new Paradox!

Ominious vocalist Michael Philippo channels both Phils (Anselmo & Rind) with his semi-gruff articulations, but his enunciations are still lucid, although, quite inebriated. From barfly to barfight, Headhaunter swill from the Tankard of endless ale and mead. Their open all night wrist slits, and beer amusements attribute to this affectation. The chemical invasion continues even unto the mourning after.

The razor riffs, and don't cross me fool licks are characterized by excellent guitar work by Mark and Gert-Jan. Slowly, each song builds into an ultimate crescendo. Too many songs bleed together, and without a lyric sheet, this can be a frustration, but overall, the music is well played. Erik's dynamic drum churn really keeps the pace; especially on the rapid fire of 'Faces Of Evil'. Other killer cuts include 'Fuck You', 'Emobasher', and 'Mind's Eye'.

In this world of hate bred hardcore, and nu-metal, too many new bands lack originality. However, if you are in to the current thrash revival, but you dislike most pretenders to the thrown to the wolves of modernity; then the encursed soul of Headhaunter is for you!

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