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Kayser - Frame The World…Hang It On The Wall

Published Oct. 15 2006

=Staff's pick

The Cake*
Lost In The Mud
Not Dead…Yet
Turn To Grey*
Cheap Glue
A Note From Your Wicked Son*
Born Into This*

Genre Heavy Metal
Tracks 12
Runningtime 49 Min.
Label Scarlet Records
Release 16 Oct. 2006
Bob Ruben
Country Sweden
Similar artists Slayer, Black Label Society, Spiritual Beggars

Swedish band Kayser formed in 2004 and features members with a past or a present in bands like Spiritual Beggars, The Defaced and The Mushroom River Band. Their debut Kaiserhof was released in 2005 and about a year later comes now their second album Frame The World…Hang it On The Wall. Kayser has been described as: a mutation of Black Sabbath/Megadeth/Slayer with dips from different good bowls of classic and modern metal.

Frame The World…Hang It On The Wall (just have to love that title) is an album that is somewhat rooted in thrash and based on heavy riffing. Somehow, Kayser comes out as a softer version of Slayer, as with the opening song The Cake for instance, but there is so much more in their music that apart from the base of riffs also features a very powerful groove. That groove brings my mind to Spice's past in Spiritual Beggars, perhaps it is his voice that deceives me but the groove is nevertheless present in a fashionable way. Spice has a voice that fits this music perfectly and it is his voice that keeps the balance and makes the parts work together. He has a raw yet melodic voice that is powerful and sounds convincing without the need to sound aggressive.

Kayser never goes over the top in beating out the speed. They are pounding out aggression but keep it in balance and take steps away from the thrash as well as they combine it with more classic sounding metal as well as more contemporary metal. Turn To Grey and Cheap Glue are two songs worth mentioning since they combine the dirty and groovy sound of Corrosion Of Conformity with Slayer structures and determination. Musically the leads and harmonies come out really well and with a sound and similarity that is not that far from Arch Enemy, and about just as good as well, and combined with kick-ass riffs and a powerful groove it turns out well.

This is a good album, no question about that, although it never manages to fully enrapture me. There are parts with killer riffing that really get my head banging and bits and pieces everywhere that are absolutely great, but I have a hard time taking it all in as it doesn't affect me in any deeper sense. However, with the album with the cool name from Kayser, you get kick ass riffs, a helluva groove and vocals that make you listen.






6,5 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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