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Allegaeon - Fragments Of Form And Function

Published July 18 2010

=Staff's pick

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The Renewal
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Genre Melodic Death Metal
Ezra Haynes
Tracks 10
Ryan Glisan
Runningtime 54 Min.
Greg Burgess
Label Metal Blade
Corey Archuleta
Release 20 July 2010
Jordan Belfast
Country USA
Producer Dave Otero    
Similar artists Arch Enemy, The Absence, Impious

The waiting is over. Two years ago Allegaeon released their self titled EP, and I can say that the wait was worth it. Fragments Of Form And Function is showing a band very proficient - and they have the songwritingability to boot.

Although the music on Fragments Of Form And Function isn't totally original there is ample evidence that Allegaeon belong to the group of bands that have the chops to stand out against the otherwise largely mundane melodic death metalscene. Given that this is the band's debut album, I can't wait to see what they're bringing out on the next record.

What impresses me most is the playingskills put on display here. Guitarist Ryan Glisan's and Greg Burgess's playing is just pure joy to the ears. The rest of the band isn't bad either. Jordan Belfast's playing is tight, fun to listen to and, most importantly, in total sync with bassist Corey Archuleta. Ezra Haynes growling is very good. He has such a nice rasp that I find somewhat similar to Amon Amarth's Johan Hegg.

For those of us that have heard the EP, this is indicative to the fact that I think that Allegaeon isn't one of those bands that only have a few good songs in them, and I wouldn't be surprised if the band has more songs than those 10 on this record. Almost every single song has elements in them that makes me like them, be it a nicely played solo, good growling, blasting drums or just very good melodies. Above all, the songs show a band that does know how to write good songs on a strong, consistent level.

The production is nice and fat - just what the songs demand - and you still hear everything very clearly.

Fragments Of Form And Function is a record that very much makes me looking forward to following Allegaeon in the years to come, and if you're into quality melodic death metal, I strongly advise you to check this band out.

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7 chalices of 10 - Martin

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