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Iron Mask - Fifth Son Of Winterdoom

Published November 09 2013

=Staff's pick

Back Into Mystery
Like A Lion In A Cage*
Only One Commandment
Seven Samurai
Fifth Son Of Winterdoom*
Angel Eyes, Demon Soul
Rock Religion
Father Farewell
Eagle Of Fire*
Reconquista 1492
Run To Me
The Picture Of Dorian Grey*

Genre Power Metal
Mark Boals
Tracks 12
Dushan Petrossi
Running time 66 Min.
Label AFM Records
Vassili Moltchanov
Release 08 November 2013
Ramy Ali
Country Belgium, et al.
Andreas Lindhal
Producer Dushan Petrossi
Similar artists ---

With the endless stream of bands these days, although Fifth Son Of Winterdoom is the band's fifth release, Iron Mask is almost a new experience to me. I've heard a few tracks off their earlier releases, that I can't recall at this point though. This is never a good sign, but I decided to give this piece a shot anyway.

Iron Mask plays power metal with an occasional progressive touch and could fit with the description of neo-classical metal as well. This release is somewhat strange and at the same time kind of bland to me. It contains good or even great tracks such as the speedier tracks Like A Lion In A Cage and The Picture Of Dorian Grey, the epic ten minute title track and the catchy Eagle Of Fire. It has great vocals on and off and also stylish guitar plays, highly accurate and captivating.

Nevertheless there are too many songs that hardly can qualify even as fishbait and sometimes I wonder why the hell some of the songs even passed the state of demo recordings. They don't provide those powerful kicks and my body don't answer back with movement. Instead most of them slowly pass by in the river called Decent and are just not valid.

The verses on many tracks have what it takes to a certain degree, but the choruses don't hit hard and leave me stranded without solid satisfactory emotions. The way I see it, the album's real problem is that a major part of the songs' foundations are simply not good enough to create a good release. Just a bit too ordinary and sometimes also too faint without striking details that could turn this thing into something durable.








4 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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