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Heaven Rain - Far And Forever

Published May 18 2009

=Staff's pick

Rain Will Fall Again (Instrumental)*
Beauty Of You*
Go Away*
Can't Stay
Final Point (Instrumental)
Never Give You Away
Far And Forever*
Letter (Instrumental)

Genre Power Metal
Božidar Ševic
Tracks 9
Igor Paspalj
Runningtime 41 Min.
Label Moonwolf Records
Bojan Joksic
Release 04 July 2009
Nebojsa Lakic
Country Bosnia And Herzegovina
Goran Bastinac
Similar artists Twilight Guardians, Sonata Arctica, Axenstar

Bosnia's Heaven Rain have been finalizing their sound since 2006, when keyboardist - Goran Bastinac first assembled the band, in a land far and away; forever hoping to create some buzz on the Eastern front. These Serbs can't stay still; they yearn to play live, and expand the youthful beauty of their experience. The acerbic littoral location on the Balkan peninsula allows for them ample opportunity for noteriety.

The reign commences with a thunderstorm intro, implementing a power metal techno vibe followed by - Rain Will Fall Again - one hail of an elemental instrumental. The oneiric - Beauty Of You - is the first song with vocals, and thus the storm begins, but is it a raging flood, or merely a white squall?

Vocalist - Božidar Ševic has a crisp tone, and his accent is not too transparent. There is some whine and whimper which comes off as being a bit epicene, and pusillanimous. Go Away- has a little more speed, and depth. Can't Stay - hardly lives us to its mettle. The club mix keys are very pop and commercial oriented. If you are not a fan of textured keyboards with a harlequin, quintessential flair, then Heaven Rain is clearly not for you.

Heaven Rain remind me of the later work by Twilight Guardians, Axenstar, and Sonata Arctica. The pulsating title track is especially a notable example of this. It is quite apparent that Božidar Ševic does his best to imitate Tony Kakko's cackle, and Magnus Winterwild's haunting timbre. There is a hint of early Stratovarius, Thunderstone, and perhaps the new direction of Revoltion Renaissance present, as well.

One final point, which I must assert, is that there are too many instrumentals, for such a terse transcription. I do not mean to be querulous, but this is a realistic concern. This aphoristic sentiment propounds my suggestion, that unless one is cool with this notion, it can become a major distraction.

Igor Paspalj is an accomplished guitarist, but if I want to hear this style exaggerated, I can dig out my argosy of Shrapnel artists. There is really no way to ameliorate this ersatz, or tangential circumstance of fret board gymnastic caricatures. Since - Never Give You Away - is a galling ballad, with each repeated listen, I become more irritated and peevish.

The CD concludes with - Letter - another instrumental, with unsung, heartfelt words about a message written to the forlorn and estranged - Sara - by her lover: Forest S. McGarden. It is dated March 6. 1945, and may be authentic. This troubadour was a trooper in WWII, stationed on the Western Frontline. He may have foreseen his own inevitable death, and sent this last note, to the lady, most dear to his heart.

I think some narration would assist with the music of this song, providing more clarity; otherwise, if one does not check the lyrics, one has no idea of its sentimental subject matter. Overall, Heaven Rain falls short of what I had imagined when I first discovered them. As they are a new band. I trust their sophomore outing will have more polish, and spit, and shine forth more illustriously.








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