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Swedish Massacre - Eyes Of Reflection

=Staff's pick

Eyes Of Reflection*
Kids In Satans Service*

Genre Thrash metal
Denny Axelsson
Tracks 2
Jon Petersson
Runningtime 7 Min.
Label ---
Toni Åkerman
Release 15 Feb. 2004
Kristoffer Johansson
Country Sweden
Similar artists The Haunted

Swedish Massacre´s "Eyes of reflection" - well, no need to explain this bands origin...The band has been around since spring/summer of -02. Swedish Massacre contains members of the band Within Reach (R.I.P) and this is the bands first promo-singel that was released in the middle of February -04. In the band's biography it says that they started the band with Thrash Metal as a target.

Eyes Of Reflection kicks off with the title song, that contain a short intro and then it's off to the land of "modern Thrash", I see parallels in the music to their swedish partners in crime, The Haunted. No doubt about it. And they do their thing very well, as it is aggressive and well played. The second one, Kids In Satans Service are a bit more low-tempo and heavier. Overall skillful and talented musicians, and a good singer in Denny Axelsson that really uses his razor throat. The thing that I miss is the touch of more variation in the songs, even though this is just a two song promo.

A little more work with the bands "identity" and this can be really good. Swedish Massacre is a band to look out for if you are into bands such as The Haunted and Dew-scented. They have all that it takes if they only put their stuffs/riffs together with a bit more care until next time.






7 chalices of 10 - Tim

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