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Endyium - Eye Of The Storm

Published April 05 2009

=Staff's pick

For Granted
Soldier Unbound*
The Assassin
Famous Last Words*
Eye Of The Storm*
Kick It Down*
To Die Or Be Free

Genre Heavy Metal
Nate LeGault-Roth
Tracks 10
Nate LeGault-Roth
Runningtime 47 Min.
Pat Regnier
Label Self released
Cliff Wilder
Release 13 March 2009
Dave Boileau
Country Canada
Similar artists Dungeon, Metallica, Kick Axe

Ottawa, Ontario's Endyium have just released their debut CD on their own initiative. Even though these die or be free veterans have been around since 2002, they still play Traditional Heavy Metal. Surprisingly, these Canadians seldom sound like their compatriots: Anvil, Razor, Sacrifice, or Exciter.

They have much more in common musically with the classic Australian acts like Dungeon, Lord, Illium, or Vanishing Point (minus the keyboards). However, taking into account their Hard Rock proclivities, I do aptly notice some classic Helix, Coney Hatch, and Kick Axe offerings. Come to think of it, the earlier works of Rush, Triumph, Axe, and April Wine are also prevalent, as possibly being influential.

The heavy metal shuffle is ushered in with the rockin', painstaking - For Granted - where Nate's opening solo, punchy riff arrangements, and voracious vocals tell the tale of high infidelity. This constant theme of sinister disloyalty permeates and penetrates all throughout - Eye Of The Storm.

The endless pain of - Soldier Unbound - sustains with killer Judas Priest adulation. Meanwhile, The Assassin - slays with its feminine wiles, and juicy slice of beguile. The drama and faux pas kittles with a blackened bite of sarcasm. Revenge - recapitulates with this chilling reverberation of solitude.

Eye Of The Storm - rides the lightning with an homage to Metallica. Kick It Down - is full of fist pumping energy, and excitement. Pat's solos sear and soar with an air of eternity. Endyium seem poised to kill 'em all, (poseurs that is) with detested revenge.

Nate's diaphanous vocals are a bit strained, and he is only able to attain a few high notes, like on the title track, or during - To Die Or Be Free. In his darkest hour, his enunciations are audible, with a violent lucidity. I would place him somewhere between James Hetfield, Lord Tim Grose, and Silvio Massaro of Vanishing Point. Just like James Hetfield, he plays a mean rhythm guitar.

The six string assassin - Pat Regnier - is a remarkably accomplished lead guitarist emulating K.K. Downing, Glen Tipton, Dave Mustaine, George Lynch, Dave Murray, Kirk Hammet, etc. Drummer Dave Boileau, may no longer be active in the band; yet, on this album, he performs with an appealing aptitude for the skins, and sedulous songwritng. Bassist Cliff Wilder pounds the strings with a pummeling arid crunch.

For an independent release, the production is quite professional. The guitars are clear, and distinct. It should be noted that not every song is exceptional, and there are some human vices. To Die Or Be Free - may express the most uplifting lyrics presented, but the music sometimes is not consistently appealing. The last song - Solitude - is listless, languid, and not a wise choice for concluding the album. I would have opted for - Revenge or Famous Last Words.

Endyium have tremendous potential, so please don't take them for granted. Like the precious malleable metal of indium, they have evolved, and continue to reshape, and refashion their mettle.

I salute these unbound soldiers of steel for playing true '80's inspired metal, and having the balls and brass to kick it down!








7,5 chalices of 10 - Michael the MettleAngel

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