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Exivious - Exivious

=Staff's pick

Where We Belong*
Fear the Unknown*

Genre Progressive/Death Metal
Tymon K./Jan H.
Tracks 2
Tymon Kruidenier
Runningtime 8 Min.
Jan Henningheim
Label Selfproduced demo
Release Nov. 2001
Iwan Hendrikx
Country Holland
Similar artists Death, Atheist

Exivious is a dutch trio that was founded by guitarists Kruidenier and Henningheim in 1997, and after several lineup changes now have stabilized and released this two song self-titled demo in the end of 2001.

The bands's musical interest and influences are by themselves said to come from a wide range of areas - fusion as well as deathmetal - and it is easily heard in their music.

What immediatly hits me when spinning off the first track on this cd is that I feel an intense breeze of america's legendary deathmetalband Death around the Human and Symbolic era, as well as some touches of the early years of Death - Scream Bloody Gore, and then I mainly mean in the vocalarea.

The basslines(programmed) and the drums are very complex and experimental, and brings strong recollections of Death's album Human to mind, but it's mostly the style in general I mean than instead of being actual copycats.
The vocals are very good, and fits the music perfectly - I can't really give a good example of similarities, but also in this area Chuck Schuldiner's name comes to mind.

Guitarwise it is also very good, and Kruidenier/Henningheim split the leadparts equally, and prove that they are both very skilled.

This is very well played and organized metal, and we can hear that these are intelligent musicians that want to take things to another level, but still keep the core of metal, and it is my opinion that they are succeeding with that task.

I can't see why this couldn't become something big if they can keep this level of quality on the material in the future, and put effort in keeping the amount of originality they already possess.
I am a big fan of Death's late 80's and early 90's work, and this really appeals to me.
As long as the guys manage to keep writing interesting songs that stand out (like in this case), and not try to overdo the whole thing which often are the case with bands like this, this can be really good.

An extra word has to be said about the professionalism regarding the demo's appearance: a lot of effort has been put into a very nice package comparable to any retail cd.

Exivious are currently in the process of writing new material, that is told to have an even broader musical spectrum than before.

I sure will keep an eye open for them in the future, and I urge you to do the same.
I have a good feeling about this.






8 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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