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Nightwish - Ever Dream

=Staff's pick

Ever Dream*
Phantom Of The Opera

Genre Symphonic Metal
Tarja Turunen
Tracks 3
Erno Vuorinen
Runningtime 12 Min.
Label Spinefarm Records
Marco Hietala
Release 04 May 2002
Jukka Nevalainen
Country Finland
Marco Hietala
Similar artists ---

Finnish Nightwish has faced tremendous success the past years, and that has all been well earned cause they sure have delivered some absolutely brilliant and beautiful music. This seems to be music that are being looked well upon no matter if you play it for a death metaller, a person more into the soft side of hard rock, or even a person well above the middle ages. As a taster before the new fullength album Century Child this 3 song single is released, and what does this tell us? Nightwish keep growing, and that in the right direction...

Ever Dream is a wonderful song that starts in a midtempo, and is based on a riff that drives us forward and is escalating in power all along, and at the last minutes it gets really majestic with the double bassdrums and a really pompous chorus. Phantom Of The Opera is the famous operacompostion that here is clad in a Nightwishoutfit, and the original tempo and structure of the song doesn't make much room for exciting experiances. A standardsong in midtempo.

Then to the highlight of this single: Wayfarer. It stats with a killerharmony that has some folkmusiclike over it, and when the verse sets in it is very beautiful and this is an uptempo song with good riffs and keyboardparts. I can't claim that this sound much different to what we are used to with Nightwish, but it doesn't get boring at least. They manage to keep the interest up, cause the songs are very strong and are being made with lot of heart and soul. If something, perhaps this is a tiny bit more heavy than before in some parts.

This is a must for every serious Nightwish fan. And, might I add, this looks very promising for Century Child to be released on July 01 this year.

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9 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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