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Suidakra - Eternal Defiance

Published May 13 2013

=Staff's pick

Storming The Walls
Inner Sanctum*
Beneath The Red Eagle
March Of Conquest
Pair Dadeni
The Mindsong
Rage For Revenge*
Dragon's Head*
Defiant Dreams
Damnatio Memoriae
Mrs. McGrath (bonus track)

Genre Folk Metal
A. Antonik/Tina Stabel
Tracks 11
Arkadius Antonik
Running time 51 Min.
Marius "Jussi" Pesch
Label AFM Records
Tim Siebrecht
Release 25 May 2013
Lars Wehner
Country Germany
Arkadius Antonik
Producer Martin Buchwalter
Similar artists ---

Originally labeled as Celtic metal, but what the hell does that tell you? I would call this folk metal every day of the week. Suidakra released their debut in 1997, still Eternal Defiance is the first one I'm really listening to with full attention. I remember that I watched a set at Wacken Open Air once and thought it was pretty good actually. I however soon forgot all about them, but when the opportunity opened for an album review, I saw a chance to check them out properly.

This album has most element of folk metal including a few croaking birds and a medieval touch with occasional horns, flutes and liras, computerized naturally. Almost all through, it's at the edge to melodic death metal or just heavy and crushing, backed by distinct heavy riffs and a thunderous drum play, and with a powerful production on top. The harmony guitar has striking melodies and its importance for this release can't be ignored, as its significance creates a push forward with an aptly flow. Not groundbreaking, although cool.

With Arkadius' raw voice and with female vocalist Tina Stabel, we get some variety in the songs in an ordinarily confined space of metal. Tina gets a fairly large room with appearances in many of the songs and furthermore she sings the ballad The Mindsong all by herself.

Inner Sanctum and Dragon's Head are killer and we also get a cool version of the Irish traditional folk song, Mrs. McGrath as bonus track. Most songs have a vigorous drive full of energy, although I can't say that every minute of this release crush. Yet it is a strong album and I know that I must now check out their past work as well. Eternal Defiance happens to be their twelfth album, so I now got some solid homework to look forward to. 7 chalices to Suidakra's new release.

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7 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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