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Kamelot - Epica

=Staff's pick

Center Of The Universe*
Interlude I (Opiate Soul)
Edge Of Paradise*
Interlude II (Omen)
Descent Of The Archangel*
Interlude III (At The Banquet)
A Feast For The Vain*
The Coldest Winter Night
Lost & Damned
Helena's Theme
Interlude IV (Dawn)
The Mourning After*
III Ways To Epica

Genre Power Metal
Tracks 16
Thomas Youngblood
Runningtime 57 Min.
Label Noise Records
Glen Barry
Release 13 Jan. 2003
Casey Grillo
Country USA
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Kamelot are going from one convincing release to the other. This is a logic extension and continuation from their previous release Karma. The basic foundation of straightforward metal is there, but spiced with progressive elements and epic harmonies and choirs. Even though I am not a bigger fan of progressivness, I have to say that this is very, very good, and that because of the simple reason that everything fits so well in in the whole picture here. They are not overdoing it, but instead manage to build a really good atmosphere throughout the album by serving us fastpaced, driven metalsongs with refrains that sticks and grows, and also the fare share of moody, midtempo songs.

There are less exotic influences here, which has come to be some sort of trademark for Kamelot, but they haven't compromised on the a little bit unusual effects and harmonies that makes Kamelot exactly Kamelot. The use of delightful and powerful angelchoirs throughout the album is perfectly made, and make you take the whole thing to you even closer.

Kamelot succeds with the difficult task to play metal that feels interesting from the beginning to the end, and I keep discovering new passages and melodies even though the album has gone through excessive playingtime in my stereo. The vocals are greater than before, and Youngbloods riffing is great and a bit more rougher and more metal than on the previous release Karma, and it feels like Kamelot have found their way to where they have strived to come the past years, and I'll be damned if this is not going to be somewhat of a breakthrough and a way to more recognition for this band.

This is a cd for you who are rooted in metal, but are searching for something slightly different and interesting to explore and enjoy for a long time ahead, but without compromising one second with the metalpart of it all.

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9 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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