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Hypocrisy – End Of Disclosure

Published March 11 2013

=Staff's pick

End Of Disclosure
Tales Of Thy Spineless
The Eye
United We Fall*
44 Double Zero
Hell Is Where I Stay
Soldier Of Fortune
When Death Calls*
The Return*

Genre Melodic Death Metal
Peter Tägtgren
Tracks 9
Peter Tägtgren
Running time 44 Min.
Label Nuclear Blast
Mikael Hedlund
Release 20 March 2013
Country Sweden
Peter Tägtgren
Producer Peter Tägtgren
Similar artists Bloodbath, At The Gates

Peter Tägtgren has to be one of the biggest workaholics in metal, with two active bands to tend to - Pain and Hypocrisy - while at the same time running a studio and being one of the most sought-after producers in the genre, working continuously with countless metal bands. Of his two main projects, Hypocrisy is naturally the one that appeals the most to me and they’ve put out a lot of brilliant songs over the years.

End Of Disclosure isn’t an album full of surprises - it’s nothing extraordinary and you know what you’re getting but it’s still pretty enjoyable. I generally prefer the fast and brutal songs such as United We Fall and Tales Of Thy Spineless. Just a minor annoyance, but that last song title makes me confused - thy spineless what exactly? Finish the sentence! The songs that capture the atmospheric part of Hypocrisy best would be the closing track The Return. It’s a little more slow-paced and they feel sprung from the same vein of inspiration as classic songs such as Eraser and Roswell 47.

Overall the album has some really good ideas, some really good riffs and fantastic drumming. However, some of the songs feel like filler tracks and even though most of them are at least okay I tend to forget them right after they stop playing.

Just as when I saw them live last summer, what impresses me most is Horgh’s drumming - at times it sounds like there are two or three guys hammering away at the drum kit. The production is of course well done as always by mister Tägtgren, but the end result is maybe a little predictable. And while he’s not my favourite death-metal vocalist, he gets the job done.

If you really like the “melodic” part of melodic death metal, then you should definitely try out this album. For those of you that prefer the “death” part, this is probably not an essential album in your collection although there definitely are enjoyable parts to it.

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5 chalices of 10 - Bjorn

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